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Brian, Owner


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John Alsop, Owner

John Alsop Insurance Agency

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Phil Goss, Reverse Mortgage Professional

Generation Mortgage Company

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Meet Our Staff

Mike Marquardt, President

Mike Marquardt began his career in the field of high tech back in 1994, concurrent with the advent of the commercial Internet. At the time, he primarily worked in the information technology (IT) facet of this emerging profession. As a network administrator, his employers included Northern Telecom and Dayrunner, both well-known companies at that stage in the tech boom era. With a love for all things technology and a desire to master more aspects of the field, Mike advanced his education by seeking instruction in Information Systems and IT at Cypress College.

Yet, feeling like there was more to technology than sitting in a cube all day and having a personality that craved interaction, he immersed himself in the hands-on field of technical sales in 2003. After starting off strong by being named top West Coast salesman at Gateway computers, Mike worked for four years as a marketing consultant for a national interactive marketing agency that specialized in a high end niche. There was only one problem, and it was a troubling one; the agency he worked for did not produce the increase in sales they sold to their clients. Driven by a need to produce results well beyond what was expected by his clients, Mike started his own interactive marketing firm, Crest Media, Inc., in 2007.

Today, Crest Media still delivers results well beyond what is expected by their clients, and offers all forms of digital marketing, including web design, search engine optimization, paid search and social media campaigns. The firm averages an 85% retention ratio with its clients, who represent a broad range of industries and experience tangible results from the marketing efforts the company deploys on their behalf – results such as an average of 300% increase in web traffic and sales.

Aside from professional achievements, Mike considers himself personally accomplished as well, as he and his wife have been married for one year and are excited for the arrival of their first child in 2012. He gladly welcomes new clients and associates into the fold.

Eric Jacobson, Operations Manager / Projects Manager

Eric Jacobson’s interest in Internet technologies began in high school, after getting his first brush with early incarnations of hyper-text markup language (html) on his ROP Computer Science class. Intrigued by the concept of viewing and interacting with structured documents from any personal computer (the fundamental concept of the Internet), he began investing time learning more about the development and methods behind Internet based communications. He developed a deep fascination with numerous forms of digital media development, and after completing his high school general education requirements, he devoted his entire senior year to learning rudimentary programming, graphic design and digital video production. By the time Eric entered college, first at Mt. San Antonio and then Citrus College, his interests shifted toward two other passions: music and marketing. While in college, he immersed himself in both wholeheartedly, studying such areas as communications, advertising development, music and entertainment marketing and small business management.

With graduation behind him, Eric invested time on his own to revisit html programming and learn more about web development, in addition to a new concept known as search engine optimization or SEO. In this time, Eric learned about css, JavaScript, php, new standards for html and webserver-based programming. He worked for four years at a prominent medical SEO and web design firm, where he honed his coding skills even further and explored SEO concepts such as link building, local marketing and social media campaigns. In that time, Eric performed a variety of duties including serving as SEO strategist and code manager for the firm’s internal development team and personally managing SEO accounts for the firm’s single largest client territory. Eric joined Crest Media in July of 2010 as the Web Development Projects Manager and regularly provides SEO consulting and advisement on both client and internal development projects. He is a vital part of our organization.

Pia Gonzales, SEO & PPC Manager

Pia is an SEO strategist with over 8 years of experience that involves managing online marketing campaigns to increase search rankings, web traffic and sales for clients and knows how to get results. She is a licensed engineer and studied at Mapua Institute of Technology. After 4 years working as an IT consultant for a BPO company, she decided that she wanted to act on her passion for writing and pursued a career as a content writer. It was during her first year as a content writer that she was introduced to the world of internet marketing.

From then on, she worked for various SEO companies and clients, her responsibilities include recruiting, training and managing a team of SEO professionals,planning and implementing powerful link building strategies to increase each client's link popularity and gain visibility on major search engines, develop and implement social media strategies for various clients, conducting competitive market research for each client to identify opportunities for increasing their online visibility and suggesting additional content optimization strategies for clients in areas such as blogs, images, videos, etc.

An important aspect of her life is family – her husband and son. She is active in a variety of volunteer and charity programs including the Red Cross and Kidz at Work. Since Pia has joined us, we've made significant inroads towards improving our internet marketing strategies, and couldn't be happier to have her aboard.

Katie Elzer-Peters, Social Media Manager

Katie is a social media and digital marketing maven. She has organized and implemented content and campaigns for small businesses and Fortune 500 companies, alike. Her wide-ranging experience in a variety of industries gives her a unique perspective on community building and sales through social media. She stays on top of the latest trends, strategies, and information so that you don't have to! Whether you need a full-scale strategy implemented or training to help you start your program, Katie will help you determine the social media marketing program you need to get your project off the ground.

Since joining us, Katie has offered both us and our clients tremenedous insight on diverse, engaging, content-driven social media and email marketing campaigns. With expertise like hers, we're confident that Crest Media will be a "future-ready" inbound marketing firm that is consistently ahead of the curve and responsive to "all things social" on the web.

Peter Bautista, Lead Web Designer

Peter has been in the business of professional graphics and web designing for 12 years. His industry experience began when he worked on a search engine and portal site, developing Internet ads, images, content and web pages within the portal. He then co-founded the Streamline Group, a company that aimed to provide graphic services for print materials and the web alike, where he honed his skills in designs and management as the Head of Creative Department. Peter's education includes a Bachelor of Science in Interdiscplinary Studies with a focus on Management and Communications from the Ateneo de Manila University, a Jesuit school. Prior to joining Crest Media, Peter also solely developed websites and marketing/advertising materials for a number of hotels, travel agencies, tour service providers, a bank and an oil management firm. We are happy to have him on board.

Eyen Tabanquerao, Web Developer/Programmer

Eyen is a web developer with over 10 years’ professional experience that includes proficiency in LAMP(Linux (operating system), Apache HTTP Server, MySQL and PHP). His background also includes experience with server administration/web server administration and networking administration. Eyen studied at AMA Computer Learning Center, Bacolod Branch completing his 2 year course in (CSDP) Computer System Design and Programming, and has completed his 4 year course in West Negros University as Bachelor in Science in Information Technology.

After graduating, Eyen decided that his passion for technology should give way to an effort at learning web programming. While employed as a professor at West Negros University where he studied in, he attended a web development seminar that fueled this passion. Eyen now specializes in working with Open Source web technology, including Wordpress, Joomla, Zen-Cart, javascript, jQuery and other AJAX frameworks.

When not working on web programming projects for Crest Media and others, Eyen is passionate about working with robotics. He likes to tinker with robotic electronics projects, perhaps because the programming for robotics is similar to the php programming languages he works with professionally. We are thrilled to have him on board.

Michael Francisco, Web Developer/Programmer

Michael Francisco is a PHP/web developer with several years of experience. His career as web developer started almost 8 years ago upon the encouragement of a friend. Prior to that, Michael had been a computer programmer for almost three years and at the same time worked as laboratory facilitator at the same computer school where he graduated and was cited best in programming by his peers and the administration.

Michael’s varied and comprehensive skill set includes HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL ,Joomla, Word Press and custom codes using PHP & MySQL. In his personal life, Michael is proud father of a one year-old little boy with whom he spends most of his time (when not in front of the computer). His hobbies include PC games and watching movies with fascinating visual effects. He has been instrumental in our operation.

Brook Flagg, Content Writer

Brook is an experienced Internet marketing writer who specializes in writing web content and ghostblogging for small to mid-sized businesses. Her experience encompasses writing standard website text, sales copy, search engine optimization content, ghostblogging (writing company blogs) and press releases. She is responsible for updating the blogs of our clients on a weekly basis and providing other web content as requested. Having written content for clients from a broad range of industries, she can skillfully craft text for websites designed for nearly any field.

Brook’s writing career has spanned both marketing and journalism fields and encompassed both digital and print formats. At one time, she worked as a contributing reporter for a major business newspaper in Southern California while concurrently performing content writing duties for several top performing firms in the region. Other accomplishments include writing content for multi-million dollar enterprises that service nationally known brands and a national/international clientele. She is a graduate of California Baptist University and has been a member of the Crest Media team since 2009. We appreciate her contributions to our firm.

Irene Miller, Office Administrator

Irene Miller is an administrative and accounting professional whose business background comes from many years of on-the-job training. After starting in the accounting field in 1990 with national retailer JC Penney, she rapidly advanced to the height of Controller/CFO of a real estate development firm, where she oversaw multiple divisions of the company. Her organization and planning skills propelled the firm from its inception as a construction company to the development firm it became, as a corporation that completed up to $3 million in projects each year.

Irene’s attention to detail gives both the business owner and customer the ability to analyze a project or campaign thoroughly, to determine the outcome quickly and make adjustments to insure future success. Additionally, her commitment to honesty, a helpful attitude and friendly personality help cultivate a sense of trust in the people who interact with her. Personally speaking, Irene is a native Californian, born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, who moved to Glendora with her husband and two daughters in 1999. She is a valuable asset to our team.