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Email Marketing Is Still Bringing In Customers

Email MarketingMobile marketing and social media might be getting all of the press these days, but there are still some other marketing methods that work wonderfully. Take email marketing for instance. There are some businesses who seem to think that email marketing is an archaic method of marketing that is no longer worth the time or effort. These businesses are far too eager to embrace new marketing methods while tossing aside the older methods that are tried and true. Email isn’t going anywhere and ignoring this powerful marketing method would be a very bad idea.


Proven Ways to Earn Inbound Links That Still Matter

Inbound LinksInbound links are still a very important part of the search engine optimization game but finding links is not always an easy task. Looking for them might not be the right way. Sometimes all it takes to attract the right links is to create the right content. The right content can and will be picked up by other powerful Internet properties that will give you a handy link. The correct content can also spread like a wildfire across every major social media platform that exists.


Let Google Help You Choose the Right Keywords

Google Chooses KeywordsThere is no secret that having more content is one of the best ways to please Google. This simple tactic tells Google that your website is active and an active website is always the best. Not only does this tactic please Google, but it helps you grow and extend your content and market base exponentially as long as your content has been focused on the right keywords. Choosing the right keywords is often one of the most difficult pieces to the content creation puzzle. Before you create that perfect piece of keyword rich content, consider these three important things.


Why A Sales and Marketing Background Isn’t A Prerequisite for Success

Sales and Marketing SuccessBelieve it or not, you don’t have to be an expert marketer or a salesperson in order to succeed in the business world. It would definitely make things much easier, but sales and marketing experience is most definitely not a prerequisite for success. You, or anyone else for that matter can easily learn how to become successful in the business world by understanding a few basic, simple concepts.


5 SEO Golden Rules Worth Considering

SEO Golden RulesThe world of SEO is not what it used to be. In fact, it is one of the few environments where changes occur on an almost daily basis. Keeping up with the SEO games is often a very difficult task to endure. This is especially true when you factor in all of those daily changes that keep happening. Regardless of those changes, there are still a few SEO golden rules you should be considering.


Google Mobile Algorithm Update Coming April 21st – Is Your Site Ready?

Google Mobile Algorithm UpdateThe mobile revolution is now in full effect. The idea that almost everyone on our planet will be using a mobile device is now part of the history books. More people are using their mobile devices on a daily basis to do basic tasks that were once reserved for big, bulky desktops and ten pound laptops. Now almost everyone holds the power to locate your business right in the palm of their hands. Are your Internet properties ready for this? If they are not, then now is the to prepare. And its not just us saying it. The entire SEO industry has been talking about the official announcement regarding the Google mobile algorithm update.


7 Powerful Ways to Grow Your Social Media Campaign

Grow Your Social Media CampaignSocial media marketing is all the rage these days. Everyone and anyone is talking about it, but this excellent marketing arena only works to your benefit if you have followers. Without any followers, all of your cleverly designed messages will fall on deaf ears. A social media campaign is a different animal and attracting followers is a slow and steady race much like infamous fable, “The Tortoise and the Hare.” Here are some excellent ways to attract new followers.


4 Simple Yet Extremely Effective Methods for Growing Your Email List

Email MarketingMarketing is an interesting part of every single business or industry where attracting more prospects is the main role. Having a healthy, blossoming email list is a great way to do just that. If you are not currently trying to grow an email list, you are making a huge mistake. An email list can and will help you grow your business. Some businesses generate roughly 30% of their annual income from nothing more than email marketing. Why in the world would anyone want to turn this down? Here are some great ideas that will help you grow your email list and your business.


Looking At SEO Keywords and Key Phrases In A New Light

SEO Keywords and Key PhrasesWatching your SEO keywords ranking changes can be a rather fun job. It is extremely gratifying to see some content suddenly appear on the front page results for a particular keyword or phrase you have been targeting. Watching your page indexed for that keyword or phrase rise to the top five is even more gratifying, but this doesn’t always seem to happen. Trying to rank for a particular phrase or keyword for weeks and months on end with little to no results to show for it is slightly frustrating. You may even consider throwing in the towel and moving on to something a little easier. Don’t give up just yet. Poorly ranking SEO keywords or phrases can actually provide a wealth of positive information.


3 Reasons Why Your Email Marketing Plan Isn’t Working

Email Marketing Plan Isn't WorkingEmail marketing is one of the most powerful and effective ways to grow a business, but at the same time it can also be one of the most difficult Internet marketing tactics to master. Email is personal and your emails will be competing with plenty of others. The average person’s email inbox is a very crowded place. Being able to stand out among all of these other emails has proven to be very difficult, unless of course you have a data proven email marketing plan guaranteed to get you noticed. There are a few tactics that are definitely worth trying, especially if you consider there are over 100 billion emails sent every single day. That is a whole lot of competition!


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