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Banning Words for Better Audience Communication

Audience CommunicationCreating a list of banned words is more than a fun activity on Twitter; it’s also a great exercise for business owners who want to communicate to their audiences more effectively. Here are some tips for banning words and phrases in your social media updates, blogs, email marketing messages and other communications, in addition to the reasons you should ban them.


5 Ways to Increase Online Conversions and Sales

Online SalesNo reliable marketing method has ever come to light without one vital thing: testing. It doesn’t matter how much data you have accumulated, there are always variables which can drastically change a strategy’s outcome, once put into practice. Testing will always give your brand a clearer picture of what sales messaging works the best with your chosen audience. Here are some great conversion optimization tests worth trying.


3 Steps to Customer Loyalty on Social Media

Social Media Customer LoyaltyClicks matter and conversions matter even more, but customer loyalty is one of the most important metrics there is. By measuring your customer loyalty, you can determine whether you are servicing the right customers, how much you should adjust the quality of your products and gauge how effective you and your staff are at delivering good customer service – plus, you can increase your profits in the long term by retaining the customers who have remained the most loyal. Of course, loyal customers don’t just “show up.” They have to be nurtured and cultivated, and that alone is a legitimate business process.


How Finding Your Brand’s Voice Improves Sales

How Finding Your Brand's Voice Improves SalesFinding the voice of your brand is crucial, both for consistency and targeting the right audience. Likewise, knowing your audience is one of the first steps to finding the voice of your brand. Since you can’t do one without the other, here are some ways you find your voice and get to know your audience at the same time.


Optimizing Your Web Page for Local SEO

Local SEO and Google PigeonAlmost all brick & mortar businesses need local SEO on their websites so that nearby customers can find them. Your Google Plus Local Listing offers the best channel for marketing your website through local SEO. And, with last month’s launch of Google’s newest local search algorithm, dubbed “Pigeon”, their emphasis on local search is clearly becoming a focal point of their search platform.


How Content Marketing Can Help Sell Your Services Online

Content Marketing To Sell ServicesContrary to some opinions, social media hasn’t replaced word-of-mouth marketing; if anything, it’s made it bigger and better than ever before. Now, with the introduction of content marketing onto the scene, social media’s influence on marketing strategy is in overdrive. Forms of content you can use for content marketing include:


3 Content Distribution Strategies to Try Now

Content Distribution StrategiesIt’s one thing to distribute your content; it’s another to distribute it with a strategy in mind. To make the biggest impact, you or your Web marketing firm must distribute content that was created strategically – if you want it to have any chance of being read, much less shared. Here are three of the smartest content distribution strategies you can utilize.


Improve Your Google+ Page to Drive More Business

Improve Google+ Page to Drive BusinessGoogle+ is a necessity, if for no other reason than your SEO. Google will penalize websites that aren’t linked to a Google+ page by assigning them lower search engine rankings; that’s why every business needs to have one. Much like Facebook, you start by creating a personal Google+ account; then, you add a business page to it and manage it while still logged into the personal profile.


5 Ways to Engage with Content Marketing

Engage with Content MarketingBy now, most brands should know that frequent social media posts are a great way to enhance any content marketing campaign. But there is more to content marketing success than simply adding posts to your company’s Facebook page, and hoping for the best. When the content you post on social media doesn’t bring about the results you expected, don’t give up hope; just adjust your strategy. Here are five ideas for posts that make engaging content:


3 Ways to Use Facebook Ads to Grow Your Business

Facebook Ads To Grow BusinessFacebook Ads is a product designed to help you boost your social media marketing efforts quickly – but does it work? For some business owners, running paid ad campaigns on Facebook is a gamble because there are no guarantees. If you decide to try out Facebook Ads, there are some ways you can make it worth your while. You can use Facebook Ads to:


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