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How Card Layout Design Fits Into the Internet’s Big Picture

Card Layout DesignThe world of website design is full of changes and trends. Some of them stick and wind up being building blocks for better things to come while others wind up being swept under the carpet where they are never to be spoken of again. The latest trend to hit the web design world appears to be one that is set to change the way websites are designed and for the better. What is this latest web design trend? The latest trend is simply being called cards and here is why cards are going to end up being much more than some simple trend.


How Visual Storytelling Help You Grow Your Business in 2015 and Beyond

Visual StorytellingStorytelling has always been an excellent way to catch the interest of consumers. To put it simply, the human brain craves visual media. People like stories and they like them even more when you can visually inspire them within a story using something like an evocative image or video. The concept of visual storytelling is quite simple and people have been participating in this form of storytelling since the beginning of time, but how can businesses use visual storytelling to help them gather more customers, sales, likes or views?


Google Silently Releases Another Algorithm Update Into the Wild

Google Algorithm UpdateIf there is one thing we have all learned about Google and SEO, its that things change. Sometimes the changes can be for the better and sometimes the changes can be for the worse. The most common way these near-constant changes to how content appears in Google’s search results are via algorithm update. For many, this can make performing “good SEO” feel like chasing a moving target, but with some precision planning, it doesn’t have to be.


3 Proven Ways to Boost Sales Using Branded, Integrated Content

Branded, Integrated ContentWhen it comes to marketing, advertising campaigns and boosting sales and profit margins there are always a few large companies who have already managed to achieve all three of these at once and with relative ease. While that may sound a little debilitating to newer and smaller brands, it really doesn’t have to be. These larger companies have done all the marketing experimentation for you and there is nothing wrong with learning from their successes and mistakes with some of the more esoteric strategies like viral ads, branding or integrated content marketing.


One Simple Trick that Can Increase Your Conversion Rates

Increase Conversion RatesEvery single Internet property has a purpose. It doesn’t matter if that property is a Facebook page, a Twitter feed or a full blown ecommerce website boasting thousands of online products. Each and every one has a purpose, but many of these Internet properties fail at what they have been designed to do. The failure can be attributed to one very simple thing: a nonexistent or poor call to action.


Content Marketing that Hits Consumers At Every Stage of the Buying Game

Content Marketing For SalesThere is one problem with the way many marketers and online businesses handle their online presence. They focus a little too much attention on “the purchase” instead of the relationship with consumers. It doesn’t matter if businesses are selling a product or a service, far too often, the purchase takes precedence over engagement. While this might seem like the perfect way to increase your sales and take your business to the next level, the actual purchase is but one of several equally important phases at the end of a buying process that actually starts with content marketing to drive customer engagement.


5 Proven Methods Every Online Business Can Utilize for Success

Online Business SuccessStarting an online business today has never been easier. For many it seems like just about all you need is an idea and a Paypal account and you are ready for the world, but obtaining success in this extremely over populated world of online businesses is not quite so easy. In fact, easy and immediate success is something very few new businesses see in the online world and the resulting failures pile up faster than you might think.


Happy 4th of July, 2015!

We here at Crest Media would like to take a moment to wish all of our U.S. readers, followers, colleagues, clients and partners a safe & festive 4th of July weekend! We consider ourselves very fortunate as a company and a country for all of the opportunities that are available to individuals and organizations alike, in a country as free and prosperous as ours.


Staying Up to Date With SEO and Social Media

SEO and Social MediaSEO is alive, well and undergoing changes on a constant basis. SEO or search engine optimization used to be about creating laser targeted website content while grabbing as many relevant inbound links from high ranking authority websites. These two factors are still a very important piece to the bigger SEO puzzle, but there are quite a few other things that help piece together the bigger picture. Knowing what these other pieces are and how your business can use them to dominate the SEO world is a game changer.


Are Your Digital Marketing Materials Visually Engaging?

Visually Engaging Digital Marketing MaterialsThe Internet is slowly evolving into a giant media machine filled with images, infographics and engaging video content. The Internet that we know is now becoming more and more visual and huge companies are eager to determine how they can use visually engaging content to help them grow. In short, as the Internet becomes more visual, so do brands’ digital marketing materials.


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