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Email Marketing is More Effective than Social Media

Email MarketingThat’s not something you hear every day, is it? But it’s true: A survey of companies by corporate advisor McKinsey & Co. determined that email is a much more effective way to acquire customers than posting to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn combined – almost 40 times more effective, to be exact.


3 More Reasons Your Blog is Failing

Failed BloggingIf your blog is suddenly failing to bring in traffic or has begun to fall in search engine rankings, there are many reasons this could be the case. Recently, our Austin SEO company shared three of the most common reasons why blogging efforts fail: irregular posting, too much self-promotion and poor writing. But what if your blog is still failing, even when you are “doing everything right” – posting at least once a week, staying away from blatant promotion and writing as professionally as you know how? Here are some additional factors that could be in play, along with tips on how to address and correct each.


Happy New Year, 2014, From Crest Media!

Happy New Year, 2014, From Crest Media!As we embark on a new year, the potential for new and exciting changes in the digital marketing and development space gives us reason to be excited, as well as anxious to report on and enact such new changes for our clients. As much as 2013 was a whirlwind of new ideas for web development and marketing alike, we anticipate 2014 to be even more accelerated and revolutionary for our field, and we couldn’t be more up for the challenge!


3 Signs Your Blog is Failing

Blogging FailureDoes your blog need a fast intervention, before it fails altogether? Difficult as it may be to accept, simply having a blog for your brand isn’t going to automatically prove to be successful, if you make common mistakes in writing content for it. Here are three signs that your blog posts might be failing your brand, according one of the best advertising agencies in the Austin area.


Merry Christmas, 2013!

Merry Christmas 2013With another year drawing to a close, and as we find ourselves in the midst of a holiday season dedicated towards warmth, kindness and generosity of spirit, we here at Crest Media would like to extend to all of our readers, clients, partners and colleagues well wishes, good fortune and our gratitude for your contributions, great and small, to the development of our SEO company!


When is Duplicate Content Okay?

Duplicate ContentOn first glance, most webmasters & marketers would answer that question with “never”. However, there is a more thorough answer that our Texas SEO company has discovered: Duplicate content is acceptable when it isn’t manipulative, deceptive or qualifies as spam. That may seem controversial to some, but let’s be honest: Not all duplicate content is meant to be deceptive. Google’s head of web spam, Matt Cutts, explained further in the most recent installment of his Q&A videos.


Google Warning: Don’t be a Guest Blogging Spammer!

Guest Blogging SpamAs our Houston SEO blog has shared before, guest blogging is a widely used strategy for brands that want quality backlinks, as well as enhanced exposure among their target audiences. Effectiveness notwithstanding, there were already concerns with this, such as the risk of looking like you bought links. But now, there is a new risk recently brought to light by Google for guest bloggers: looking like a spammer.


End-of-Year Recap for Native Advertising

Native AdvertisingIt has been one year since our advertising agency in Austin told you that 2013 would be the year of native advertising, the practice of buying ads that look the same as in-stream news feed content across various social networks. As predicted, native ads did in fact break out big this past year, despite initial confusion among some brands and marketers as to what they actually are. To date, some of the most well-known forms of native advertising include:


3 Key Performance Indicators You Aren’t Using

Key Performance IndicatorsAny SEO company worth its salt knows that key performance indicators, or KPIs, are important for analyzing the success of a marketing campaign. Throughout a campaign, the majority of marketers will look at indicators like click through rates, Facebook likes, blog comments, backlinks – and of course, purchases – to measure the campaign’s success. But our Los Angeles SEO professionals have identified some underutilized KPIs that could significantly benefit brands, if they took the time to use them.


Facebook Contemplates a Sympathize Button

Facebook Sympathize ButtonThe latest Facebook rumor to surface may or may not materialize in the near future – but because it has been talked about quite a bit, we want our social media agency’s audience to be aware. The good news is that it’s not another layout change; instead, it’s the possible introduction of a “Sympathize” button.


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