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Understanding Google’s Many Fancy Named Algorithm Updates

Google Algorithm UpdatesGoogle’s search algorithms are in a constant state of evolution. For every legitimate website that is honestly trying to gain more exposure through Google’s organic search results there are at least a dozen or more websites who are trying to cheat. The bad folks always end up ruining it for the good folks. That’s just the way things seem to work out and in order to combat these pesky cheaters, Google is constantly making changes. These Google algorithm updates have also been given names like Panda and Penguin. These names sound cute and cuddly, but they can be more brutal than the main protagonist in a modern horror movie.


3 Steps To Creating Sales-Worthy Marketing Content

Sales-Worthy Marketing ContentIt is no secret that content is what drives the Internet. Without it, the Internet would be nothing but wasted bandwidth. People love it and businesses are struggling to create good content fast enough. The keywords in that sentence are “good content.” Give a kid a box of crayons and some blank paper and they can create content, but creating sales-worthy marketing content that can help a business grow is some what of a lost art form. However, businesses can learn to come up with a winning recipe for content creation with three easy steps. It all starts with step numero uno.


How to Create the Perfect Video Marketing Strategy for Success

Video Marketing SuccessLights, Camera, Action! Creating video is really that simple, but creating any type of compelling video that is going to inspire a person to take any sort of action is not that simple. Businesses all over the globe are busy creating video content to help them promote a product or service, but very few of them are getting any sort of return out of their video marketing investments. Yes, video content is an investment and if done properly, it can put your business on the fast track to success. You need to craft the perfect video strategy to get the most out of this new investment and here’s the right way to do it.


4 Ways to Rank Higher With Content Variety

Higher SEO RankingFor businesses relatively new to SEO, being able to rank high in Google’s organic search results is somewhat of a mystery, but great, engaging content has a lot to do with it. The problem is being able to create vast amounts of this great, engaging content. Not everyone has the ability to easily and efficiently arrange words into informative sentences that wind up making addictive content that is irresistible.


4 Proven Pro Methods for Increasing Facebook Likes

Increasing Facebook LikesFacebook is a constantly changing and evolving environment where every business is doing everything within their power to gain some traction in the form of a more “Likes” than their competitors. While the idea seems simple enough, getting someone to actually click that Like button is more difficult than it sounds. Attention spans on Facebook are short and as a business you must do everything you can to gain those elusive Likes. Is there a secret formula? Are there things you can be doing to increase your Likes? Yes there are.


4 Common Mistakes Every Business Makes In Social Media

Social Media Marketing MistakesStarting, creating and managing a social media campaign seems like a relatively simple task. Most of us interact with social media on a personal level several times a day. Posts are short and sweet and it is easy to see an instant reaction so why would it be any different for businesses? If you have spent any amount of time behind the helm of a business social media campaign, then you already know things are very, very different.


Happy Thanksgiving, from Crest Media Internet Marketing!

Happy Thanksgiving, 2014This time of year always seems to bring about a sense of kindness, reflection and gratitude amongst people, and we here at Crest Media Internet Marketing are certainly no exception. We’d like to take a moment to wish all of our clients and readers a very Happy Thanksgiving. We hope that all of you are able to spend the holiday with loved ones, and enjoy a few days of extra time off before the busy winter holiday season is officially upon us.


The Secret to Creating the Perfect Google AdWords Campaign

Google AdWords CampaignAdvertising is nothing new in the business world, but measuring the success of your ads in the traditional advertising world has always been somewhat of a mystery. Sure, you can monitor sales or client growth based on a product or service your ad is targeting but measuring the success or failure of every aspect of your ad has been virtually impossible until Google AdWords emerged.


5 Content Creation Secrets Your Competitors Don’t Know Yet!

Content Creation SecretsThere are quite a few “dirty” words in the English vocabulary and these are words that most of us are familiar with but there is a “dirty” word that shows up in the world of digital media that not everyone is aware of. That “dirty” word is “content.” This single word is powerful enough to send some people running for the hills simply because creating good sticky content that keeps people reading to the end is somewhat of a mystery. Heck, content creation is something that still sends some brands running for the hills in terror.


4 Ways to Make Your Facebook Ads Irresistible

Irresistible Facebook AdsFacebook ads are supposed to generate leads in one way or another. Your ad might land you a new email address for your marketing list. It could encourage a few clicks and it could land you a new customer. The bottom line is this. Your Facebook ads should be bringing people into your sales funnel where your further marketing efforts will ultimately result in a sale. If this isn’t happening for you, then these tips should spice things up a little.


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