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Targeting Local Customers In A New Way

Targeting Local CustomersTechnology is starting to evolve in a somewhat obtrussive, yet intuitive fashion. Smart phones can very easily pinpoint your current location in a matter of seconds. We all know big brother is watching us through our interactions with these devices, but now it looks like social media companies are watching us as well. Collecting information about a person’s location is now being used to help boost advertising with local customers to a whole new level.


Customer Experience: Where Does Your Business Rank?

Web Design Improves Customer ExperienceHave you ever taken a step back and looked at your business? It can be a difficult thing to do, but it is necessary, from time to time. This is the only way to figure out exactly what type of message your business is portraying, in the real world as well as on the internet. There could be a few things your business is doing to send people away and you will never know unless you take a step back, detach and put your business under a microscope.


Better Brand Awareness From Google Sitelinks

Brand Awareness From Google SitelinksWhen it comes to traffic, every person or business who owns a website can always use a little bit more. Ranking in the top five for a specific keyword is really nice. Ranking in the top five for a handful of keywords is even better, but there are some other “tricks” you can do to bring more of that money generating traffic right into your website. Here is one idea that very few people are fully capitalizing on.


4 Great Ways to Build Trust and Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness Builds TrustAdvertising competition is one area of marketing that is always evolving. It changes on a daily and weekly basis. Once one company manages to discover the next big advertising trend that produces great results, it is not long until all of the competition jumps on the same bandwagon and the market is flooded with similar advertising campaigns. People start to become used to seeing these popular advertising trends and they quickly glaze over.


5 Steps for Choosing Sales-Driven SEO Keywords

SEO KeywordsIf you have spent any amount of time on the Internet (who hasn’t?), then you know content is often crafted predominantly around highly competitive and industry-relevant keywords. Choosing the right PPC or SEO keywords is often the most difficult part of the game. Somehow you are supposed to be able to get inside the head of your potential customers and figure out exactly what they will be typing into their trusty search box.


Does Your Website or Mobile App Have the Right Consumer Influence?

Consumer InfluenceDesign in the digital age is a lot more than choosing colors that compliment each other. In today’s high tech world, design also plays a very influential role in how a person interacts with a website or an app. It must not only guide them, but also possibly influence them to do something. It could be making a purchase, filling out a form or joining an email list. No matter the intent, the right design should create a reaction!


3 Proven Ways to Gain New Customers

Gain New CustomersWithout new business there is a really good chance that most businesses won’t be able to survive, but there are a lot of businesses out there that seem to have somewhat of a difficult time attracting new clients. You can’t even think about earning any repeat business until you have a good group of customers first. Here are a few excellent strategies for attracting new customers to your place of business.


Yes, The Mobile Web Revolution Is Finally Upon Us!

Mobile Web RevolutionBack in the early 2000s, the mobile web was in its infancy. Web design firms and marketing agencies were being told that the mobile revolution was on its way. The landscape of the Internet would soon be changing and the sites that were not mobile friendly would quickly see a huge loss in traffic. Some web designers panicked while others sat on the sidelines in anticipation wondering when the mobile revolution would overcome the deeply rooted desktop. That day has arrived.


How To Increase Social Media Influence With Customers

Social Media InfluenceYou simply can’t ignore the power of social media. It has become an integral part of marketing and brand identity, but it is one area of marketing that is not always so easy to navigate. Making the wrong moves in your social media campaign will have your followers slowly vanishing, but the right moves can and will grow your list of followers exponentially. Here are a few things your social media agency should be doing for you.


Ignoring Web Page Colors Can Lead to Low Conversions

Web Page Colors Affect ConversionsWebsite optimization and design covers a myriad of options and it is easy to get lost in all the choices. Most people focus on the layout, navigation, images and content placement. These are important website elements that should not be ignored, but what about color? Did you know color is one of the most influential aspects to any type of design? It doesn’t matter if you are designing a site from scratch or if you are trying to increase conversion rates, colors play a huge part in how your visitors interact with your site.


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