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Improve Your Google+ Page to Drive More Business

Improve Google+ Page to Drive BusinessGoogle+ is a necessity, if for no other reason than your SEO. Google will penalize websites that aren’t linked to a Google+ page by assigning them lower search engine rankings; that’s why every business needs to have one. Much like Facebook, you start by creating a personal Google+ account; then, you add a business page to it and manage it while still logged into the personal profile.


5 Ways to Engage with Content Marketing

Engage with Content MarketingBy now, most brands should know that frequent social media posts are a great way to enhance any content marketing campaign. But there is more to content marketing success than simply adding posts to your company’s Facebook page, and hoping for the best. When the content you post on social media doesn’t bring about the results you expected, don’t give up hope; just adjust your strategy. Here are five ideas for posts that make engaging content:


3 Ways to Use Facebook Ads to Grow Your Business

Facebook Ads To Grow BusinessFacebook Ads is a product designed to help you boost your social media marketing efforts quickly – but does it work? For some business owners, running paid ad campaigns on Facebook is a gamble because there are no guarantees. If you decide to try out Facebook Ads, there are some ways you can make it worth your while. You can use Facebook Ads to:


3 Website UX ‘Features’ Users Secretly Hate

User Experience (UX)Anytime a new type of interactive website tool or feature rises to prominence in the web development community, there are brands & publishers that cautiously & judiciously examine the probability of benefit to their site visitors before implementing such features. Then there are the websites that prematurely jump onto every sort of User Experience (aka ‘UX’) trend, no matter how short lived or overly abused some of those features end up becoming. To make matters more frustrating to users, bigger brands are not always immune from the occasionally questionable choice of implementing such features on their sites, so a lot of users see these features across the web. Here, we look at 3 of the most common and current UX features that have high propensity for overuse and consequently provoke ire from web users just about everywhere.


Did An SEO Expert Figure Out Lebron James’ Trade Before An Announcement?

Lebron James 2014 Trade RumorsWith 3 major sports seasons having recently concluded, American sports fans everywhere are turning their attention to baseball, and player trade news for the sports not currently in progress. Die-hard sports fans all over the country are already looking ahead to the next season for sports like Basketball, Football & Hockey, and perhaps the biggest story of this summer’s trade news, is regarding the future home of NBA star, Lebron James. One die-hard NBA fan, an enterprising sports writer named Matt Borcas, shared a conversation on Twitter, with an SEO/Web Developer friend, who may have just figured out where Lebron James is going, before any formal announcements from James or the teams involved.


What’s On Your Website SEO Checklist?

Website SEO ChecklistAs a website owner, you should have a goal for your site to be found by Google’s “spiders” – but you also want your pages to rank for relevance to specific topics. To meet this goal, you don’t optimize your website once from a thorough SEO checklist; you do it again and again, maintaining and fine tuning it over time.


Happy Independence Day 2014!

Independence Day 2014With another July 4th upon us, we’d like to wish our American readers & clients a very Happy Independence Day 2014! This year, we take this day off to reflect on how fortunate we are to have been given the opportunity to do what we do, with the partners & clients with which we’ve been blessed, in the country where we do it!


Getting website traffic from SEO and beyond

Website Traffic Beyond SEOGoogle is still important for SEO and website traffic, and that will never change. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t optimize your website for “alternative” sources of search too. As a marketer, you must keenly identify all the channels that drive traffic – not only to your website, but to everyone in your industry. The question to ask is, how do the people who are finding information about your market get their information? It may very well be through Google, but there are lots of other sources they may be using. Consider whether they are finding information on your industry through any of these channels:


3 Tips for Hiring an SEO and Social Media Agency

Hiring an SEO and Social Media AgencyOnce you decide that you don’t have the time to market your business online yourself (a decision that nearly every business owner eventually arrives at), the next step is to hire an SEO company and social media agency that will do it for you. There are a few things to look for when hiring that agency. Here are three of the most important:


New Social Media strategies to grow your business

New Social Media StrategiesIt’s always helpful to learn from others, and that includes learning new approaches to your social media efforts. If you see competitors and colleagues doing well in their social media campaigns, perhaps it’s because they have adopted some of these new ways of thinking. You could most likely benefit from adopting similar social media strategies, too!


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