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5 Ways to Ensure Your Website Fits Into Google’s Mobile Plans

Google Mobile GuidelinesYes, Google has silently rolled out yet another change to the way it displays search results. This latest change was designed for the mobile revolution that has also been silently ramping up quite a large momentum. Is your website ready for the latest changes in Google’s mobile plans? Here are a few ways to determine if your site is indeed ready for these most recent changes.


5 Excellent Ways to Convert Lookers Into Buyers

Convert Lookers Into BuyersWebsites have become a part of just about every business in existence regardless of size. Small businesses that consist of no more than two people and huge corporations that entail multiple departments and employees are all using the Internet to help them increase customer engagement, brand loyalty and the always important conversion. But is every brand on the web really looking at the big picture?


How Does Your Business Approach Consumers In the Modern Digital Age?

Approach Consumers In the high tech busy world of today every business is competing for the attention of the consumer. This might seem like the right thing to do but attention is not always the best thing. Think about it for a minute. What good is attention if there is no action. The attention that is so sought after needs to be much more than a view, share, like, tweet or text message. The attention needs to be converted to leads or sales. Focusing on just attention is a good way to sink a business because attention changes from one moment to the next.


Google’s Other Big Mobile Update – Is Your Business Ready?

Google Mobile UpdateMobile device usage has slowly started to creep into everyday life. This slow but steady change in the way people have chosen to consume media and shop is pushing to be the mainstream and millions of people all over the planet are starting to stand up and take notice. Marketers, web designers and SEO gurus are all struggling to keep up with the always changing mobile revolution.


4 Proven Content Marketing Techniques for Today and Tomorrow

Content Marketing TechniquesContent marketing changes. You could think of the concept of content marketing as a living breathing entity. It changes according to its environment and the largest influential portion of its environment is people. Content marketing would not exist without people. People are what that content is made for and if the content of today is created with the people of yesterday in mind, it won’t work. Your content must be created for the minds of today’s consumers. Here are a few tips for creating content for today and tomorrow.


From Want and Need to Loyal Paying Customer

Customer Sales FunnelWe all use the Internet and search on a regular basis but very few of us try to understand how and why a person moves from searching for something to actually completing a purchase. How does a lead turn into a paying customer? Understanding this process can and will help any business that has any type of Internet presence make more sales. Here is the science behind this often overlooked conversions concept.


3 Reasons Paid Search Should Not Be Ignored

Paid SearchThe ways in which consumers approach buying a product or service has changed in the last few years. The Internet landscape has helped to carve a new shopping method for the consumer market. People are now using the Internet to help them make better informed purchases. They are researching product reviews and checking in on social media before they make a purchase. Making sure your business is part of this process is a top priority.


Mobile Marketing Growth Proves Its Own Importance

Mobile Marketing GrowthNew technological trends come and go on a daily basis. Just trying to keep up with all of these changes can be a little difficult to say the least, but being one of the first companies to adopt new technological trends can wind up having a huge payoff. It offers a clean slate where practically no other competition exists. Without competition, it is all too easy to earn new customers.


Crafting the Perfect Email Subject Line

Email Subject LineWe have already discussed the importance of proper email marketing, but some businesses are a higher number of email opens than others. It could be industry specific, but it is more likely one single attribute that is helping these businesses achieve such good email open rates. That all too important part to a successful email campaign is the email subject line.


5 Ways to Destroy Your Social Media Empire

Social Media EmpireSocial media is a powerful marketing tool that simply can’t be ignored, but yet there are many businesses who have not tapped into this wealth of potential. If your business is taking its first steps towards building a social media empire, then you are most likely searching for ways to succeed in this always changing, evolving world of digital marketing.


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