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5 Content Creation Secrets Your Competitors Don’t Know Yet!

Content Creation SecretsThere are quite a few “dirty” words in the English vocabulary and these are words that most of us are familiar with but there is a “dirty” word that shows up in the world of digital media that not everyone is aware of. That “dirty” word is “content.” This single word is powerful enough to send some people running for the hills simply because creating good sticky content that keeps people reading to the end is somewhat of a mystery. Heck, content creation is something that still sends some brands running for the hills in terror.


4 Ways to Make Your Facebook Ads Irresistible

Irresistible Facebook AdsFacebook ads are supposed to generate leads in one way or another. Your ad might land you a new email address for your marketing list. It could encourage a few clicks and it could land you a new customer. The bottom line is this. Your Facebook ads should be bringing people into your sales funnel where your further marketing efforts will ultimately result in a sale. If this isn’t happening for you, then these tips should spice things up a little.


Is Your Homepage Answering Those 5 Burning Questions

Homepage Web Design QuestionsHave you ever put much thought into what your “homepage” is supposed to do? Each industry is a little different and every business has a different idea on how they should portray their products or services, but very few business owners know the answer to that question. It is a simple answer. Your homepage is supposed to do a variety of things, but most importantly it should answer some of the burning questions your potential customers may have.


3 Powerful Marketing Tips To Specifically Help Sales

Sales and Marketing AlignmentSome people are born with the gift of sales and marketing and some people are not. A very small percentage of the human population has the natural gift of sales. These people are fortunate, but where does that leave the rest of the population? Are we all left out in the cold? Do we have to depend and rely on a natural salesperson to close our deals for us? No we don’t. Luckily there are a few marketing tips that we can repurpose for many different brands and industries to ease the sales process for those who are not natural salespeople.


Is Great Content Really King?

Is Content KingPlanning and creating the next piece of content that goes viral is simple. Getting it actually go viral is a different story altogether. You can have the greatest piece of content in the entire world but if it is not put into the correct distribution channels, then it will never see the light of day. The same could be said of a bad piece of content. You can throw all the money in the world at it, but money will not improve engagement. The takeaway from this is simple: great content must also be paired with excellent distribution methods for optimal content marketing success. Here’s the perfect example.


How Your Company Can Make the Most From Social Media Marketing

Make the Most From Social MediaWhen social media marketing started to become a popular source of income for the few businesses who were lucky enough to see the full potential of social networking, the playing field was definitely leveled in their favor. It was simply only a matter of creating a decent piece of content and submitting it to the masses. It was a pretty straight forward and easy process.


A Small Look Into the Psychology of the Social Media World

Social Media PsychologyUnderstanding your target market is the key to successful business. The more you understand your current customers, the better you can relate to them. Relationships build trust and trust can quickly turn into more sales. This is a very simple concept but it can be extremely difficult to get a full understanding of a target market in today’s widespread, diverse social media world.


How Social Media Scheduling Frees Up Valuable Time

Social Media SchedulingIf you are responsible for a social media campaign of any size, then you know just how time consuming it can become. It starts off as a great idea for a way to increase business, but once you get deeply rooted into the social media campaign you suddenly realize that in order to get the greatest return from your efforts, you will need to devote more time than you can afford, or learn how to better manage your social media scheduling.


Content Alone Is Not Enough For Top Rankings

Google has made it a point to constantly change the SEO playing field. Over the past few years, the search giant has worked hard at creating updates that change how websites appear in the search engine results. These changes have been given cute nicknames like: Panda, Penguin, Pigeon and Hummingbird. While the names are kind of cutesy, the results of these algorithm changes are monumental, mysterious, and potentially devastating. Many website owners watched their traffic stop over night. It was as if someone just turned it off like a water faucet.


Targeting Local Customers In A New Way

Targeting Local CustomersTechnology is starting to evolve in a somewhat obtrussive, yet intuitive fashion. Smart phones can very easily pinpoint your current location in a matter of seconds. We all know big brother is watching us through our interactions with these devices, but now it looks like social media companies are watching us as well. Collecting information about a person’s location is now being used to help boost advertising with local customers to a whole new level.


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