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Happy 4th of July, 2015!

We here at Crest Media would like to take a moment to wish all of our U.S. readers, followers, colleagues, clients and partners a safe & festive 4th of July weekend! We consider ourselves very fortunate as a company and a country for all of the opportunities that are available to individuals and organizations alike, in a country as free and prosperous as ours.


Staying Up to Date With SEO and Social Media

SEO and Social MediaSEO is alive, well and undergoing changes on a constant basis. SEO or search engine optimization used to be about creating laser targeted website content while grabbing as many relevant inbound links from high ranking authority websites. These two factors are still a very important piece to the bigger SEO puzzle, but there are quite a few other things that help piece together the bigger picture. Knowing what these other pieces are and how your business can use them to dominate the SEO world is a game changer.


Are Your Digital Marketing Materials Visually Engaging?

Visually Engaging Digital Marketing MaterialsThe Internet is slowly evolving into a giant media machine filled with images, infographics and engaging video content. The Internet that we know is now becoming more and more visual and huge companies are eager to determine how they can use visually engaging content to help them grow. In short, as the Internet becomes more visual, so do brands’ digital marketing materials.


Does Your Content Answer Customer FAQs?

Answer Customer FAQs People often head over to the Internet in search of answers. They could be answers to a very common problem they are currently having or they could be answers that involve a product or service they are thinking about purchasing. There are several websites on the Internet that exist solely to answer customer FAQs. A perfect example of this is when online retail giant Amazon added a consumer question / answer section to the majority of products they sell. Google has also noticed this desire consumers have to find answers to questions. They released an algorithm update (cheerfully named “Hummingbird”) a few years ago that featured content that answers common questions.


6 Great Ways to Improve Your Social Media Exposure

Social Media ExposureSocial media is supposed to increase your businesses brand awareness and possibly earn you a few new customers in the process. The name of the game is reaching new customers by using new ideas that stand out from the crowded social media world. Here are a few expert tips that will help increase your brand’s social media exposure and kick your internet marketing campaign into overdrive.


Small Business Owners Leverage Expertise To See Faster Growth

Small Business Owners ExpertiseBeing a small business owner is tough to say the least. Not only are you the one who is responsible for turning a profit, but there might be other times when you are doing countless other jobs as well. You might be the salesperson, the marketer, the customer service rep or even a technician. Small business owners quickly find out that they wear many hats during the day and because of this, you know your business inside and out. Have you ever considered leveraging some of your expertise to help your business grow beyond your hopes and dreams?


Using Analytics Data to Grow Sales

Analytics Data Grow SalesJust a few short years ago, the sales force was armed with little more than pamphlets, brochures and product samples. These were the only tools other than the salesperson themselves that were being used to help seal a deal. Fast forward to today and you will see a much different sales force where technology plays a key role in not only closing a deal but in giving the entire sales force a unique suite of tools that gives them powerful insight into the minds of customers all over the world. At the heart of these powerful and very effective tools lies one thing, analytics data.


Are You Using the Full Potential of Your Website to Capture Email Addresses?

Website Captures Email AddressesEmail marketing has been a staple marketing tool for years and the businesses who have been building their email lists are now starting to see the huge benefits because some of the other more modern Internet marketing methods are slowing down. Facebook continues to limit how many people see business posts and Twitter click through rates are falling as well. Having and owning an active email subscriber list is the perfect way to avoid these issues.


How Businesses Successfully Utilize Their Content Marketing Strategies

Content Marketing StrategiesContent marketing can help push your business to the next level but only if you know how to successfully navigate this often confusing world. There are plenty of road blocks and obstacles that will try and prevent your business from reaching its goal but the rewards are well worth the effort. Let’s take a closer look at how other businesses are making large amounts of sales by making good use of some different content marketing strategies.


5 Annoying Website Design Practices You Should Avoid

Website Design PracticesNo business wants an ugly website that turns people away. A nice clean layout is all part of the design process and there are quite a few really common design and layout problems that should be avoided at all costs. If your website is currently using any of these design ideas, then it may be time to push for a redesign. At the very least, you should rethink your website design practices and remove any of the following annoyances.


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