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6 Video Marketing Ideas to Increase Sales, Brand Awareness and Profit

Video Marketing IdeasIf video is not part of your current marketing plan, then it should be. This is something that has been said time and time again. Video is not going anywhere. In fact, video is one of the hottest Internet mediums at the moment, and this is doubly true for brands making good use of thoughtful video marketing strategies. But where should the uninitiated businesses know first about this medium?


5 Proven Strategies to Get Top Search Engine Rankings

Top Search Engine RankingsHaving a website appear on the very first page of search results is exciting. The rush of new traffic that floods in can make you feel 100% satisfied that just being anywhere on the first page is enough even if your website is showing up in the 8th, 9th, or even the 10th position. However, these positions pale in comparison to the top five. If you can nail that number one position in search engine rankings, then you can expect as much as 30% more traffic than the rest of the sites ranking on page one.


Email Marketing: The Number One Tool Competitors Don’t Want You to Consider

Email MarketingEvery business or marketer has several great tools at their disposal. All of these tools exist to help make businesses grow. From old school methods of direct mail, to the faster, instant gratification methods of today’s high tech digital world like search marketing and email marketing, there are a lot of tools for businesses and marketers to choose from.


Effective Content Curation In 4 Easy Steps

Effective Content CurationContent curation is undoubtedly what fuels our hyper-fast, modern digital world. From the morning news headlines to the latest tweet or viral video to the in-depth, fact filled blog post that provides value to its many readers. The Internet would not be where it was today if it was not for the millions of pieces of content that people consume faster than a rushed morning meal.


Reconciling SEO Success With Unknown Variables

SEO Success StrategyThe world of SEO has always been somewhat of a challenge. Challenges come from every angle possible and these challenges almost always have a negative impact on your forward momentum. It is the age old “take one step forward and two steps back” type of analogy, but why does the world of SEO do this and what can you do to prevent this all too common problem from affecting your SEO success?


6 Great Ideas For Small Business Success Online

Small Business Success OnlineThere used to be a time when the Internet supplied a level playing field for businesses both large and small. Those days are long gone and small businesses are finding it more difficult to compete with businesses that have what must be gigantic budgets. Because of this fact, small businesses often fall victim to extremely common SEO traps and scammers who always do more harm than good. Here are a few tips that small businesses will find very useful when competing with the larger fish in the pond.


Can Social Media Advertising Outperform Search Advertising?

Social Media AdvertisingAdvertising comes in many different shapes and forms. This is especially true for the ever so popular digital advertising that has been fueling the electronic world for quite some time now. Deciding which digital advertising method will work best for your business is always a little complicated. You want to be able to achieve the largest return on your advertising investment no matter which form of digital advertising you choose, but is there one form of digital advertising that is better than the other?


7 Proven Tactics to Make A Social Media Contest Boost Your Business

Social Media ContestBusinesses are constantly looking for ways to increase their exposure, their audience and that audience’s engagement. One of the latest trends that has proven to massively stimulate all three is a social media contest. Not only can a social media contest perform all of these wonderful tasks but it can also provide some extremely valuable insights as well, but only if the contest is done correctly. Your social media contest could very well wind up being a flop. Unless of course you are utilizing these proven methods.


How Card Layout Design Fits Into the Internet’s Big Picture

Card Layout DesignThe world of website design is full of changes and trends. Some of them stick and wind up being building blocks for better things to come while others wind up being swept under the carpet where they are never to be spoken of again. The latest trend to hit the web design world appears to be one that is set to change the way websites are designed and for the better. What is this latest web design trend? The latest trend is simply being called cards and here is why cards are going to end up being much more than some simple trend.


How Visual Storytelling Help You Grow Your Business in 2015 and Beyond

Visual StorytellingStorytelling has always been an excellent way to catch the interest of consumers. To put it simply, the human brain craves visual media. People like stories and they like them even more when you can visually inspire them within a story using something like an evocative image or video. The concept of visual storytelling is quite simple and people have been participating in this form of storytelling since the beginning of time, but how can businesses use visual storytelling to help them gather more customers, sales, likes or views?


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