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101 Ways to Build Links: The 10 Best

Did you know that there are at least 101 ways to build links? We did! Because a sometimes overlooked SEO metric is backlink diversity, now is the time to study up on the popular and not so popular techniques that actually improve search engine ranking, in the age of Pandas, Penguins. Search Engine Journal recently posted the most comprehensive link building how-to in recent memory and now, we’re sharing a few of the most prominent stand-outs with you:

1. Ask your readers to share your posts: They may do it, they may not – but you’ll never know until you ask.

2. Write more “list” posts on your blog: People love to link to lists (hint hint), because they’re quick to read and they get readers’ attention.

3. Write a “debunking myths” post: This advertising strategy has been used in advertorials for decades; who’s to say it doesn’t work in blog posts? If you can effectively debunk a prevalent myth, someone will likely link back to you.

4. Tie your blog to your Twitter profile to create links automatically: This will ensure that every post provides readers with a highly share-able backlink to your site.

5. Claim your listings on local listing websites: If you run a local business, set up profiles on sites like Yelp. This is a link building essential that seriously boosts SEO.

6. Run great promotions: The original Search Engine Journal list breaks it down into ten promotional ideas, ranging from giveaway contests, to coupon codes, to writing testimonials for other businesses.

7. Buy expired or parked domains: This is an innovative idea that just may work. If you encounter expired domains that still have links (from quality sites) pointing to them, then registering these addresses and pointing them at your site may be a good way to capture this link equity.

8. Release an app: Someone is bound to review it, and link back to your site in the process.

9. Get your business in the media: If you can get a TV interview (i.e. on a national morning show or local news broadcast), this can generate buzz and hopefully, get a few bloggers or publications to write about you. They’ll almost always link to your site in their coverage.

10. Hire an SEO agency: Yes, this one is really on the list! Hiring an SEO company gives you the tools and systems you may not have on your own. A good SEO firm can build backlinks for you, which will give your SEO the improvement it needs.

Now that you have some insight on new or under-explored ways to build links, you can more effectively build a more diverse backlinking profile for your website and provide longer lasting results for your search engine optimization efforts. If you have any additional ideas, not recently covered, share in the comments.

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