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3 Easy Ways To Make The Most Of Your Facebook Ads

Our Los Angeles social media firm is often asked about Facebook marketing. Since we’re a social media agency that helps businesses make the most of Facebook, we found some suggestions recently posted by SEO Optimise to be useful. A few of our favorites are summarized here:

Understand the Account Structure

Unlike Google Adwords, where ads are held within ad groups, Facebook campaigns hold ads within Facebook, and daily budgets for ads are assigned at the campaign level. Each campaign can hold any number of ads, and every ad is self-contained. Ads within a campaign don’t necessarily need to be related to one another, but it is a best practices suggestion to theme each campaign with relevant and similar ads as much as possible. That makes good sense for your brand uniformity and messaging, too.

Always Know Your Demographic

When you make a list of Facebook population segments you want to target, group them by demographics such as females, aged 18-30 or males aged 25 and over. Then, consider the specific interests and concerns of those demographics as they pertain to your product or service. Finally, add those details to the demographic categories as you devise your Facebook marketing strategy.

For example, do those females care more about entertainment news or hard news? (Our social media agency has a pretty good guess.) Are those males married or single, what is their income level and what problems do they have that your product or service can solve? These things matter when you’re designing a Facebook ad.

Set a Fair Bid

Once your demographic targeting is done, it’s time to set your bid. You can set the bid low to save money, but not too low if you want your ad to display. Facebook offers information on ad campaign budgeting here.

The effectiveness of your Facebook ad campaign depends on your attention to detail when it comes to guidelines like these. If you or your social media agency takes them seriously, you’re far more likely to experience Facebook ad success. Our Los Angeles social media firm has helped many business owners gain leads through Facebook and we’re proud to offer that service.

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