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3 Reasons to Avoid DIY Web Design

Thanks to WordPress, Blogger and other content management systems, it has become easier for small business owners (SBOs) to take on their own website design and development. But as far as things have come, Dallas web design companies like ours are still in high demand because business owners are quickly realizing that their sites need more than what the do-it-yourself options can provide. Why is it still better to hire a professional website design firm, as opposed to taking a stab at DIY web design? Here are three reasons to consider.

1. With DIY, your customization options are limited. Unless you have a strong programming background, it is difficult to create a website that deviates from the standard templates or themes that are available for free. It may be possible to build a semi-unique website with a standard WordPress theme, but to really stand out from the crowd, a web designer must stray away from standard conformations. Typically, the untrained designer who attempts to do that on his own is quickly lost in the woods.

A website that does not follow a standard WordPress template will likely require the designer to know how to program and write code, a territory with which many SBOs are unfamiliar – and learning those things doesn’t happen overnight. To create a customized website, starting from scratch is best, and only a true web designer knows how to do it correctly.

2. Simple sites are static sites. And static sites are not Google-friendly, at least when compared to dynamic sites. Static website templates, which is what most DIY web designers have access to, are designed for sites that do not require frequent updating. They are not the best option for most small businesses, because Google needs the content to be updated frequently in order to give a site good search rankings. By contrast, a high end web design firm can build any business owner a dynamic website from scratch. It is the far better option if one of the SBO’s goals is to achieve good Google rankings (which it should be).

3. A professional can do double duty. A recent survey by Manta revealed that more than 60% of small business owners say they haven’t seen any return on investment from their social media engagement efforts online. Often, that has little to do with social media, and more to do with the SBO’s lack of experience. By hiring a professional, high end web design firm that also offers social media management, the business owner can kill two birds with one stone and see his results from his investment more quickly.

Finally Ready To Ditch The DIY Web Design

These are some pretty compelling reasons to avoid DIY web design, and seek out the help of a web design service instead. Contact Crest Media, an established Dallas web design firm, if you are interested in a free web design consultation.

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