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3 Tips on SEO for Videos

SEO for VideosThere has been a lot of talk for the past couple of weeks about the impact that a YouTube video allegedly may have had on foreign affairs. But for the business owner, online videos can have a huge SEO impact, because videos allow business owners to share keyword-rich content about their products and services with interested prospects as often as they want. YouTube is now the second-largest search engine, so it’s highly likely that most of the users who see your videos found those videos by doing a YouTube search.

As for viewing videos on other social media channels, research shows that people watch 500 years’ worth of YouTube videos on Facebook every day and share approximately 700 videos on Twitter per minute. So, how do you implement good video marketing SEO to make sure they see yours? Here are three key tips:

1.) Choose Great Keywords

Search engines can’t filter video content on their own, so you must add keywords to the title and description of your video in order to help it rank well. Choose keywords that best represent the video, and also keywords that you believe your users will search for when looking for a business like yours. The Google AdWords Keyword Tool can help, as can your own search on YouTube. Search for keywords that you believe users will favor, and see how many videos are matching up with those terms. The keywords that match up with the most popular videos are your SEO winners!

2). Create a Video Playlist

Playlists are all the rage on music websites, but they are creating waves on YouTube as well. Now, video playlists appear within the YouTube search results, and other videos in that playlist can also appear in the sidebar of the YouTube player as related content when a viewer watches a video that’s included in the same playlist. That helps to show off all your videos in one place, and minimizes the chance that users wander off to a similar video uploaded by your competitor. For better video marketing SEO, make the playlist your friend!

3). Add More Written Content

Titles and descriptions are great for SEO for videos, but your efforts don’t have to end there. YouTube videos with transcripts and captions can make your videos more accessible to a wider range of audiences: hearing impaired viewers, non-English speaking viewers and others. Best of all, they too help your SEO by providing search engines with the crawlable content. Combine that with the title, description, keywords, and tags, and your video can be an instant SEO jackpot.

For more tips on SEO for videos, contact Crest Media Internet Marketing. We offer both video production and SEO services.

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