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3 Ways to Fix Your Failing PPC Campaign

Fix Your Failing PPC CampaignPay-per-click is still a viable form of online marketing, but some PPC service providers may get discouraged at when results don’t look like they used to. If this is the case, don’t get discouraged; it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing something that can’t be fixed. There are plenty of reasons that PPC campaigns stop performing. Here are three of the most common:

AdWords has Changed

Google AdWords, the primary tool by which PPC service providers have obtained data for keyword research, is now over ten years old. A PPC account that hasn’t changed with AdWords will most likely lose its pizazz at some point. One example of a change to AdWords earlier this year was updating their ad rotation settings to “improve ad performance.”

In effect, this change forces PPC service providers to manually go back after 30 days and re-rotate their ads in their longer-running tests. Some say it’s just a sneaky ploy on Google’s part to make more money off PPC (after all, 97% of Google’s revenue comes from advertising), but the bottom line is that if a PPC campaign doesn’t roll with the punches, it will suffer whether or not Google profits. You may as well get a piece of the pie by complying with updates to AdWords.

You Have Old Ad Tests

All good PPC providers know about the importance of testing ads. But if you never pick the winning ads in your campaigns and your tests keep running, Google will eventually pick winners for you. That hands the control over the campaign to Google, when you – the PPC provider – should be the one in charge. Having Too many words in an ad group is going to hurt the SEO of that PPC account. Delete your old ads that still have tests running, and you may see a big difference in PPC performance.

Your Ads are for Outdated Sale Specials

One good PPC tactic is to create ads for sales and specials. However, it is important to remember to delete those ads once the special has passed. If you still have a Black Friday PPC ad running all the way until New Year’s, that outdated ad must be paused or deleted so your conversion rates won’t pay a hefty price.

Before throwing in the towel on PPC, take a look at these three factors and see if at least one of them isn’t the reason for a faltering PPC campaign. If one of them is to blame and you fix the problem quickly, you may be able to turn things around sooner than you think. For questions on PPC services, contact Crest Media Internet Marketing.

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