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5 Building Blocks of Content Marketing

Content Marketing Building BlocksThere are numerous paths toward achieving your content marketing goals, but before embarking on any of them, one must first understand the building blocks of content marketing. First, a definition: Content marketing is the act of publishing and sharing different types of content on various internet platforms for the purpose of marketing a business. Now, let’s explore those platforms and techniques, which work as our building blocks.

Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube have been used by marketers for years now, but now there are infinite social media channels on which to market a brand. There is also LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and of course, Twitter. Brands can engage with the consumer audience on all of these platforms, and do so in a unique way on each one.

Website Articles

This is different from your blog in a few ways. First, articles on your website are located on the “main” part of your site. Next, they are longer; and finally, they are great for boosting your visibility and credibility. They can be written less frequently than blogs, and used to either supplement a healthy blog or help a website that has not yet launched one.

Blog Posts

Now, we get to talk about your blog. Blogging is a great way to show your customers the transparency they crave, and attract new audiences as existing customers share your blog posts on social media. Blogging was content marketing before we called it content marketing, and it still works wonders today. Of course, one of the greatest benefits to routine blogging is that it helps your SEO. A good SEO firm will help you choose keywords that can be used on your blog frequently, boosting your search rankings over time.


Although the nature of video marketing has changed a bit, videos are still good content marketing tools. Product and service demos will always be of interest to people, but the challenge for brands is to make creative videos, period – videos that win over today’s cynical audiences with humor, irony and great visuals. Any brand, from any industry, can do this with a little help from a professional video marketing team.


These aren’t just for graphic designers anymore. Some people are truly visual learners, and they would rather view a series of pictures and graphs (with limited descriptive text) in order to understand a new concept. Tech blogs figured this out first, and they are perhaps the most successful faction of infographic users in practice. But infographics can work for other industries as well; all that is needed is a complex concept, and someone from the business willing to simplify that concept in an infographic.

Using these simple building blocks, you can launch a content marketing campaign that moves mountains. The key is to build on them consistently. For specific questions on content marketing, Crest Media Internet Marketing welcomes your inquiries.

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