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A Feature Article Is A Valuable Marketing Tool

In the world of web content where it’s usually best to say what you mean in the shortest space possible, one of the more valuable marketing tools that you can use is the feature article. At first, these appear to go against everything that is good for keyword ranking since they are much longer at 650 to 1000 words than the more typical articles you find all over the Internet.

However, these are useful as marketing tools to get some exposure for your website. A great way to start is to go a forum that deals with your niche to find out what kinds of questions people are asking about the product or service that you sell. Taking this approach right away will increase your credibility in the end.

After you’ve got the information, you’ll want to either start writing the article yourself or hire a professional ghost writer to handle the task. Outsourcing the task has its advantages in that like any other craftsman, a hired writer will have the ability to tweak the concepts , words and phrases so that the meaning you intended for the piece is clear. You’ll want to feature the finished product in some manner of online publication like a newsletter or on a website.

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  1. Great blog. Do you know of any relevant marketing forums or discussion groups?

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