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A Quick Glossary of Internet Marketing Terms

website seo servicesNot long after you’ve decided to work on the Internet, a few things will become clear about how the world of Internet advertising works. One of the first of these is that you need to get yourself a California Web promotion company that really knows what it’s doing. It helps to have a little background knowledge about the terms and phrases that are common to orange county email marketing as well.

  • Conversions. This is the quick term for the number of people have received your promotion and done what you want them to do. Remember that  this is the number that is generally considered the most important in terms of a campaign’s success.
  • CPM ( Cost Per Thousand). When dealing in the e-mail marketing world this is one way industry experts price e-mail lists. For instance, a cost of $100 CPM means that to get one thousand addresses, you need to pay .10 cents for  a single unit.

One of the other ciritcal terms is the CTR or click through rate. This is measured as the number of times a call to action has been clicked on.

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