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Achieving Ranking Diversity with SEO and PPC (w/VIDEOS)

SEO and PPCHaving served a diverse client base in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, we consider ourselves very fortunate for two main reasons when we get to speak with small and medium sized business owners about search engine marketing. The primary reason we are fortunate, is that even if business owners don’t sign up with us, we still use these meeting opportunities to educate business owners on some details about digital marketing they may not have previously understood. The second reason we consider ourselves fortunate for these opportunities, is because it gives us a chance to learn about what the average business owner knows about strategies like SEO and PPC. Some perceptions we hear are pretty much what we’d expect, some of what we hear is a little funny and even some of it is downright shocking!

Possibly one of the most surprising things we hear from business owners, is the false notion that organic Search Engine Optimization and PPC is an “either, or” proposition, meaning they can only do one or the other, but not both. Turns out that this line of thinking couldn’t be further from the truth, and is also dangerously shortsighted for anyone looking for long term successes with their internet marketing campaign. At the very least, for businesses that are relatively new to internet marketing, its actually preferable to do both, because immediacy and diversity in a business’ search engine presence ultimately will net them more traffic and a better conversion rate. But established brands can benefit from doing both as well.

Why SEO?

One analogy we like to use when speaking with Los Angeles area business owners is to think of their business like an Olympic athlete and the industry in which the business functions is like the sporting event in which the Olympic athlete competes. Regardless of the event in which the athlete is entered, that athlete still trains for relying on quick bursts of energy, as well as endurance. SEO is like endurance exercises that keeps the business competitive in the digital world over their rivals for an extended period of time. If you stop doing SEO, your competition eventually surpasses your search engine rankings and ultimately gets your customers.

Ideally, a business owner should plan to do SEO for as long as they plan to stay in business. Surely, how SEO is done for business websites will most definitely change over time, but the fact that it needs to be done consistently, is very much an unchanging rule for successful digital marketing.

Why PPC?

The biggest misnomer we hear about pay per click, is that when the business owner already understands the need and importance of doing SEO, the idea of paying for a Google search results listing seems almost wasteful. When an SEO campaign is working well for a long time and little needs to be updated within the campaign, this may be true. However, the business world in general is ever-changing in many capacities and meeting customer needs is a very dynamic process as well.

Its been our experience that sometimes, Orange County business owners don’t build their websites with SEO in mind, but are depending on marketing results right away. Sometimes, they’re offering seasonal & time-sensitive deals to their customers that may not work within an SEO campaign where time is among the biggest variables. And sometimes, a more saturated presence in search results by way of listings in the paid and organic sections, establishes more trust among a company’s prospective customers. Needless to say, PPC can quickly and easily enhance most SEO campaigns by diversifying search results presence.

Now that you can see how SEO and PPC can actually work well together, it might be time to consider updating your digital marketing strategy to include both, if you haven’t already. Of course, there are no rules that dictate this will work for every business, but as we ask all of the Los Angeles and Orange County area business owners we meet, if you see room for improvement in your strategy and flawed strategies don’t work for you, why not consider doing something different?

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