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Adobe Systems Finding Success with the Affordable Creative Suite 5.5

San Jose Web Design Software Firm: Adobe Systems To Offer Pay-As-You-GoThis past spring, San Jose web design software giant Adobe Systems introduced an update to Creative Suite software that would allow users to pay for the product as they go. It was clear that the effort sought to boost sales to graphic and web designers on tight budgets.

The update, Creative Suite 5.5, is a collection of Adobe’s Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign and other software that lets users pay for the products monthly or yearly at prices. Adobe executives have acknowledged that the new option may keep web developers buying if they’re unable to purchase an unlimited use, full suite package. The full suite package carries with it a high price that “creates a barrier for many of our customers,” according to Dave Burkett, a vice president in Adobe’s Creative Suite group.

Creative Suite 5.5 is ideal for freelancers and boutique web design firms, with monthly and annual subscriptions for the following Adobe products:

  • • Photoshop: $49/month, $420/year
  • • Dreamweaver: $29/month, $228/year
  • • Full Creative Suite Design Premium edition: $139/month, $1,140/year

How does this compare to the original Creative Suite? An unlimited use license for Design Premium 5.5 sells for $1,899.

Prior to the release, Adobe dealt with slowing sales growth and a reduced profit forecast for Q2 2011. In Q3, which ended in September, the web development company delivered revenue and earnings within their targeted ranges. Adobe revenue for Q3 2011 was reportedly $1,013,000,000, and the company reported highlights that included strong growth in digital video products and solid performance with Acrobat. To that end, it looks like Creative Suite 5.5 is paying off!

Our San Jose web design company is proud to use Adobe products for the creation of our clients’ websites. We believe in offering the best, so why look elsewhere – no matter the cost?

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