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Becoming an Intent Marketer: Identifying User Intent

Marketing To User IntentRecently, we explained that analyzing user intent is one way you can drastically improve the value of your content, but beyond analysis lies implementing actual strategy. Becoming an “intent marketer” means you understand not only what your users are searching for, but why they are searching for it. Pinpointing the intent of your users is important because when you understand why someone wants what you have, you can better target certain groups of prospects.

For example, let’s say you sell bicycles. If your San Diego SEO company determines through analytics that there is a group in your audience who wants bicycles they can ride on rugged mountain terrain, you can create content that contains:

  • Keywords they are likely to be searching on, i.e. “mountain bikes”
  • Semantics they may use in their search terms, i.e. “mountain bikes for girls or women”
  • Other words they may include in the search outside of the primary keyword phrase, i.e. “mountain bikes women rugged terrain”
  • Geo-targeted and long tail search terms, i.e. “mountain bikes women rugged terrain San Diego County”

Furthermore, you can create ongoing content in the future that is aimed at that specific audience. Understanding user intent is good for meeting both SEO and content marketing objectives.

Understanding User Intent

Identifying the intent of the user is going to become more important to SEO companies as time goes on. As Aleh Barysevich of Search Engine Journal recently wrote, “Not taking the searcher intent into account in a web marketing campaign is akin to selling stuff at the town’s marketplace having no idea what else is being sold there, what prices your competitors have, etc.” In other words, it’s lazy!

Of course, the majority of business owners don’t have time to devote to identifying user intent. That is where the services of a high quality SEO company can be very valuable. Analytical tools are in place to monitor the trends taking place in user searches, and SEO companies can deploy those tools to pinpoint the intent of those users. Moreover, they can also help you segment users into groups so that you can target them when content marketing. All of these efforts support the goal of conversion rate optimization for your website, and can significantly boost your marketing ROI. Contact the San Diego SEO team at Crest Media to learn more.

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