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Building An Effective Online Article

In many ways, the effective web content writer follows the same tenets as the trained journalist. Good article writing in particular is direct and to the point. There aren’t wasted words or long meandering sentences in the web article for two reasons.

  • Studies have proven that it’s more difficult to read by a monitor than off a page. This means that the average person tires more quickly when reading an article off a computer so the writer needs to get to the point quicker.
  • Even with the monitor issue aside, other information points to the fact that you’ve got about five seconds to hold a reader’s interest. This is especially true of the Internet where a bored reader can reach for his mouse almost immediately.

You need to be able to craft the kind of article that you’ll need for syndication as well. Remember that the best of these are not hard sell in the sense that they supply some useful information rather than list the benefits of the product or service. A link is usually added or a bio at the end of the piece as the advertisement.

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