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California Web Design Advice on Making an Impact

California Web Designers Explain Conversion OptimizationImpact: In the end, it’s really what determines whether a website visitor converts into a paying customer. If you’re new to creating a site that markets a product or service, following these basic tips can help you make the right kind of impact:

Manage the Stimulation Factor

If your site visitors are assailed by audio, video, animation and graphics, many of them will be inclined to get off the site quickly. Typically, web consumers don’t care for over-stimulation. Likewise, underwhelming your visitors is not a good idea either. Yes, “Content is king” – but relying on it too much, while neglecting other stimulation can also turn off visitors. To help a business attain conversions, Los Angeles web design professionals will use relevant, compelling visuals that evoke a positive reaction to the product or service, and a practical amount of text to support the message. Not too much, not too little of ether one.

Clear the Way for an Easy Purchase

You want visitors to buy the product; so make sure the buying process is as easy as possible. Many sites lose sales by forcing people to go through three pages or more to complete a transaction. Worse yet, some even send prospective customers to another site for payment verification. Big mistake! Instead, streamline the path of purchase to ensure it is free from frustration. Businesses can increase site conversions with this simple tip from our Inland Empire web design team.

Don’t Fear Change!

Once the design phase is complete, your site may look perfect; but as with anything you’ve worked hard on, it’s important to review it thoroughly for quality assurance. Once you have put your stamp of approval on the site and it goes live, don’t be afraid to make changes as necessary if you legitimately believe it will boost your sales. We’re not talking daily or even weekly changes (changing a site too often is sure to turn off visitors). Instead, we’re referring to implementing strategic changes that may increase sales, perhaps semi-annually or every quarter.

Our Southern California web design experts don’t just “preach” this advice; with every client we service, we practice it ourselves.

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