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California Web Design Community Abuzz Over Adobe Edge

Adobe EdgeIs Adobe finally growing beyond Flash? To the delight of Web designers everywhere, it seems that it is! Adobe Systems is showing off a new design tool, Edge, that lets designers animate specific components of Web pages using standards Web-based technology.

Examples? The tool gives a graphical user interface to Web design, so designers can automate programming if they aren’t privy to more technical knowledge. Before the Edge tool, designers would need to know HTML5 (next-generation HTML, currently under development) and have a working knowledge of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), which has long been the standard for formatting, and is now required for some animated transitions.

In other words, Adobe Edge could be a lifeline for amateur designers! If you thought the California Web design selection was overcrowded now, just wait until Adobe Edge hits critical mass.

Adobe Edge will especially be helpful for those who want to animate dynamic websites. It will enable designers to drop images or Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) elements onto a canvas that’s connected to an animation timeline, and then build animations by dragging those elements around or manually editing properties. The animation actions can be copied, pasted, and scaled as needs change.

This is one giant step for Adobe, which has previously received criticism regarding its perceived stagnation with its Flash product. For Los Angeles Web design professionals and designers everywhere, this is one giant leap for entire industry.

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