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Perfected Content Means a Better Paid Ad Campaign

Do you have a favorite TV commercial jingle? Sure you do! But for many of us, even the most memorable jingles do not inspire us to buy the product or service being advertised. Likewise, we are now largely immune to many of the ads we encounter online. That not only goes for banner advertising, but [...]

Evergreen Content Marketing: Keeping Your Content Relevant

Newbies to content marketing may not be acquainted with the definition of “evergreen content.” But for those who have been blogging for businesses since businesses started blogging, the concept is a familiar one. In fact, it is refreshingly familiar; as the rules of content creation seem to change with each passing year, evergreen content is [...]

3 Content Marketing Predictions for 2013

Even those who are only vaguely familiar with content marketing can probably give one example of a consumer brand that succeeded at it in 2012. For 8 million people who watched daredevil Felix Baumgartner jump from the edge of space, Red Bull (who sponsored the event and marketed it all over social media) would probably [...]

Web Marketing Guidelines for Content Strategy

Content strategy is the newest trend to take online marketing by storm, and for good reason: Content marketing is both affordable and effective, making it worth the effort it takes to devise a strategy. Fortunately, it isn’t that hard to formulate a good content strategy. There are a few web marketing firm guidelines that, when [...]

Content Creation is Equally Important on Every Platform

Only a few short years ago, content creation was unique to a certain kind of marketer. But now that content marketing (as opposed to just “content”) is the new king of digital media, everyone is a content creator by virtue of necessity. There’s really no way to market your business online without content to help [...]

Blog Post Formatting: What Matters Most?

Gone are the days when users were happy to digest pages of content at a time. Even devoted fans of popular blogs appreciate shorter posts that allow them to get in, be engaged, get informed and get out. On that note, let’s get right to the point; whether you use blogging for social media marketing, [...]

3 SEO Must Haves for Content Marketing

For successful online content marketing, you need a strategy before getting started, and not just a strategy for where to syndicate your content online. We’ve covered before that blogs and social media channels are the best platforms on which this content can be shared. The issues most people have about content marketing are what news [...]

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