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Should You Outsource to Many Digital Marketing “Specialists?”

It is true that while we have doctors who attend to our overall health, we also have specialists who are better at treating specific medical needs. For that reason, some business owners believe they must have a different agency or “specialist” for every aspect of an online marketing campaign. But hiring a different company to [...]

How Social Media Makes a Real Impact for Entrepreneurs

As a Los Angeles social media agency, we have helped many clients leverage social media to their advantage. Normally, the first payoff of a social media campaign is the brand recognition it provides – a big plus for any entrepreneur. But the impact of social media marketing is even greater than getting your name out [...]

How To Earn Links Through Infographics

Because of Google Panda and Penguin, there is now less value in using anything that could be classified as a “directory” to acquire links, and far more value in earning the links you need for good search rankings. Yes, they have made it harder on us – but thankfully, it is possible to earn links [...]

Meeting Demands for Social Media Engagement

As the one-way street of marketing began splitting into a forked road several years ago, the effectiveness of print advertising diminished and the rise of social media marketing began. But while having a presence across multiple social media channels is great, it only helps a brand if the brand engages with its audience on those [...]

Is Backlinking Dead?

Absolutely not! Good SEO firms know that backlinking still matters for the purposes of achieving favorable search engine rankings. However, Google Penguin has changed the way we acquire links and the sites we strive to acquire them from. Now, the goal is to make sure that the entire backlink profile is populated by organic backlinks [...]

Tips to Make Online Marketing Matter

The next time you watch a major television event, make an attempt to count how many commercials end with a call to action – not to buy the product, but to “like us on Facebook,” “follow us on Twitter” or “join the conversation” on either of those channels. Here’s a hint: You’ll be counting on [...]

3 Tips on YouTube Marketing for Businesses

Contrary to pop culture notions, YouTube isn’t just a fun diversion that feeds you a daily dose of cute cats, dumb stunts and adorable kids under the influence of dental anesthesia. Just as its counterparts Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have multiple purposes for personal and professional use, YouTube can also be quite valuable as both [...]

More Reasons to Use Google+ for Business

You still love Facebook, you’re addicted to Twitter and you’re finally starting to figure out how LinkedIn can help you grow your business. But that doesn’t mean it’s time to abandon the platform that got you an online audience in the first place. Yes, we’re talking about Google – specifically, Google+, the search engine giant’s [...]

Its Time To “Break” These Link Building Myths

With every discipline’s preferred methodology, there always accompanies some amount of “snake oil”, myth or simply bad advice with it. In internet marketing, the practice of link building is probably most inundated with this phenomenon and there’s no shortage of facepalm-inducing “strategies” that get floated around. Search Engine Land recently identified a few linking myths [...]

Evergreen Content Marketing: Keeping Your Content Relevant

Newbies to content marketing may not be acquainted with the definition of “evergreen content.” But for those who have been blogging for businesses since businesses started blogging, the concept is a familiar one. In fact, it is refreshingly familiar; as the rules of content creation seem to change with each passing year, evergreen content is [...]

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