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Los Angeles Social Media Agency Notes from Google Agency Summit

Crest Media was recently afforded the opportunity to attend a day-long teaching and training session at the 2011 Google Agency Summit, held at the famed Googleplex headquarters in Mountain View, California. The day was filled with presentations, infographs, ideas and insights for Internet advertisers like ourselves, courtesy of the world’s most popular search engine. As [...]

Crest Media to Attend 2011 Google Agency Summit

Our Southern California SEO company is excited to announce its presence at the 2011 Google Agency Summit, to be held at the infamous Googleplex headquarters in Mountain View, California on Wednesday, September 28th. This day-long event is a venue at which our Los Angeles social media, PPC and search marketing firm is proud to make [...]

Arizona Pay Per Click Services…with an Odd Twist

Now this is entrepreneurship! The story of 21 year-old Arizona State University student Tyler Ross is inspiring for Internet enterprisers. The young man has become an Arizona pay per click (PPC) expert, by creating his own online advertising business to raise money for school tuition. Sounds like every other young entrepreneur these days? There’s more [...]

Spam? Not At Our California SEO Firm

Web spam seems to be the primary reason many business owners shy away from implementing SEO into their website; after all, no one wants to inundate their website visitors with excessive and obvious keywords. At our Southern California SEO firm, we thoroughly understand these concerns.

Pay Per Click Advertising - All You Wanted To Know

PPC & SEO: Should I do both?

Search Engine Optimization: Los Angeles SEO & Development Marketing SEO

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