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Los Angeles Teams Hit Social Media Jackpot During Playoffs

Social media has proven itself powerful in every possible industry, and the sports world is certainly no exception. Locally, teams that play at the Staples Center in Los Angeles – NBA teams the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers, and NHL team the Los Angeles Kings – have all participated in various stages of their respective [...]

Content Marketing: Good for SEO, Good for Your Business

For those seeking information about increasing search engine optimization results and social media buzz through content marketing, the first question is usually, “What type of content works best?” The following ideas may be helpful:

Google Apologizes for Parked Domain Mistake

Many website owners are blaming their poor search rankings on the Google Penguin update, which penalized sites that were over-ambitious with search engine optimization by giving them low rankings – but if the decline in rankings happened in the past couple of weeks, then SEO efforts may not be to blame in every case. For [...]

Search Engine Optimization Stuffed Sites Targeted by Google Again

Google’s affinity for naming its preventive initiatives after animals that start with the letter “p” has been confirmed once again, with the company revealing the internal code name “penguin” for the update that was initially called the “overoptimization filter” and later the “webspam algorithm.”

Search Engine Optimization tips for Ecommerce Website Success

Search engine optimization stands in the gap between a flourishing ecommerce business and dismal ecommerce failure. Making sure your entire website, including your home page and product pages, are optimized for search engines is vital if you want to succeed at the ecommerce game.

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