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Updating Your Business Blog Means Valuing Your Brand

For consumers who follow the blogs of the brands they support, it is frustrating when a company’s blog just “drops off”, meaning the once-steady flow of content seemingly just stops. Brands that fail to update their blogs regularly are projecting a poor image for their company. If a reader visits a company’s blog, only to [...]

5 More Tips from the LinkedIn Best Company Pages List

LinkedIn has come a long way in just 10 years. Now, businesses that have engaging company pages on LinkedIn are becoming known for more than just their products and services. Whether you choose to use them on your own or with the help of a Los Angeles social media agency like ours, here are five [...]

Newsjacking: How to Proceed with Caution

The trend known as “newsjacking” has become a popular activity for brands, and social media agency experts are generally supportive of the practice. Perhaps this is because 70 percent of consumers receive news on Facebook, and 36 percent get their news on Twitter. So by using a current news topic as an angle for a [...]

5 Tips from the LinkedIn Best Company Pages List

LinkedIn released its Best Company Pages List for 2012, and our San Francisco social media agency believes there are some important lessons to be learned from the 12 companies that made the list. On the slideshow “Top 10 Tips from Best LinkedIn Company Pages of 2012,” companies that ranked on the list offered tips for [...]

5 More Ways to Improve the Value of Your Content

There is good news for marketers that want to enhance the quality of their content: There are many, many ways to do it! Thankfully too, new techniques for enhancing the value and sharability of web content are being discovered all of the time! To pick up where we left off earlier this week, here are [...]

Facebook Home For Android: Our Full Recap

Yesterday, Facebook held their highly anticipated Facebook Android event. Social media marketing gurus and mobile app developers alike were excited to see what Mark Zuckerberg & Co. had to announce. Most were speculating that the event would at least reveal some sort of noteworthy update to their mobile app, or possibly even a Facebook-specific phone, [...]

5 Ways to Prepare for the Latest Facebook Changes

Facebook marketing is about to change again, with the introduction of the latest news feed layout that promises larger images, chronologically arranged updates and options that allow users to customize who they see updates from. The consensus in the social media agency sphere is that these are positive changes that can benefit brands – that [...]

Why Measuring Performance is a Social Media Agency Challenge

Many businesses have shifted their advertising budgets to allocate the majority of the resources toward digital marketing. That is a wise decision, but how can those companies measure the return on their investments? When enterprisers come from a traditional marketing background, they try to measure their digital marketing efforts the same way they would assess [...]

Discreet Ways to Use Social Media for Conversion Optimization

There are more ways than ever to market yourself on social media, and some of them are more “obvious” to the audience than others. Take, for example, those status updates that announce a business’ specials and sales. Those are clearly marketing messages, and even when written in an engaging and friendly way, they are very [...]

How Social Media Makes a Real Impact for Entrepreneurs

As a Los Angeles social media agency, we have helped many clients leverage social media to their advantage. Normally, the first payoff of a social media campaign is the brand recognition it provides – a big plus for any entrepreneur. But the impact of social media marketing is even greater than getting your name out [...]

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