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Discreet Ways to Use Social Media for Conversion Optimization

Social Media For Conversion OptimizationThere are more ways than ever to market yourself on social media, and some of them are more “obvious” to the audience than others. Take, for example, those status updates that announce a business’ specials and sales. Those are clearly marketing messages, and even when written in an engaging and friendly way, they are very straightforward about communicating what they are trying to accomplish: a sale.

Then, there are those social media updates that are more discreet about what their intentions are. They may not tell people, “Click here!” or “Buy me!,” but they can be every bit as effective when it comes to the conversion optimization of a website. In fact, our San Francisco social media team has been very successful when it comes to getting clients a more authoritative social media presence with this method. As a result, they receive more traffic and attain more conversions.

Here are a couple of examples that show how to use this “hard to get” approach on social media to your advantage. First, you can try it on LinkedIn. A LinkedIn page is a valuable marketing tool when used properly; specifically, upgrading to the pro package can provide the information necessary to make new contacts. Once someone is in your LinkedIn contacts, they can see your updates in their feed. Of course, your updates will be comprised of content you are sharing that is relevant to your industry and establishes your credibility as an authority in the field. Ideally, this will impress people to the extent that some will opt to visit your website and take further action –all without ever making direct contact with you!

Another platform where this approach works is on Twitter. The character limitations of Twitter are often thought of as a burden on marketers, but nothing could be further from the truth. By contrast, the boundaries of 140 characters allow you to connect with people you are targeting in a friendly, non-threatening way. The less invasive you are when marketing, the better – and Twitter is the perfect platform for non-invasiveness.

A short greeting, a quick response, a witty quip…Twitter was made for all of these. You can use Twitter to link to the same great content you share on other social media channels, just with a slightly more concise introduction. And finally, Twitter is often considered a far more acceptable venue for B2B communication (as compared to Facebook, for instance). It is an entirely different animal, because Twitter encourages talking with your audience rather than to them. It is decidedly more focused on building relationships.

Many leading, credible San Francisco social media experts concur that when you are less obvious on social media, you are actually more effective. The best news is that taking this discreet approach does not require much planning; you can get started on conversion optimization now, by finding content that interests you and using it to improve your social media presence.

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