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DIY Content Creation vs. Auto Generated Content

DIY vs. Auto Generated ContentCreating content is the key to getting noticed online, so now, brands are doing so at an unprecedented rate. But unfortunately, some businesses rely on technology to create their content. This is not effective at all, at least not when it comes to conversion rate optimization. To inspire users to take action, you have to share content that is high quality – the exact opposite of auto generated content.

Using software that auto generates content for you could, theoretically, help you rank high for certain keywords and get you some social media followers. But to truly drive conversions, it is never smart to rely solely on automatic content generation technology. You, or a social media agency acting on your behalf, needs to create content that comes directly from your brand. Here are more reasons why…

First, because creating your own content adds to the value of your brand. Authoritative content is content that gives the brand credibility, and credibility is vital to driving conversions. Auto generated content doesn’t make you look credible or authoritative; in fact, if it appears spammy or poorly written (and much of it does), it can make your entire brand appear untrustworthy. Since that is not what you want, make a commitment to creating your own content or selectively outsourcing your content to one reliable social media agency.

Second, creating your own content helps you retain the unique voice of your brand. Even if an auto generated content service is not entirely bad, it will strip your brand of its unique perspective – again, minimizing its value in the eyes of consumers. No matter your industry, it is imperative that you offer your own views on the matters that affect your customers. Using a program to spit out content takes away your ability to do this.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you cannot outsource content creation to a single social media agency or SEO company. Doing so can actually help your brand achieve the voice it is searching for, and take the pressure off of you to engage with the audience. To speak with a Los Angeles social media agency that can do this, contact Crest Media today.

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