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DIY SEO Tips for First Timers

DIY SEO TipsSome SEO companies will tell you there is no way you can do any measure of search engine optimization on your own. But our Houston SEO company is different. We have no problem handing out a couple of tips to those on a tight budget, especially because we know that it could give them good results that allow for an expanded SEO budget later. With that being said, here are our three DIY tips for getting started with SEO:

Focus on onsite SEO first.

Before you start going crazy with social media and content marketing, focus on getting your SEO house in order in the place it matters most: your website. Optimize the title tags of all your Web pages, and insert your most valuable keywords into every single header on every single page. You can find your most valuable keywords for free using the Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool. Also, start your link building onsite by inserting some internal links throughout your website. Building links is an important part of onsite SEO.

Then, analyze your offsite SEO.

We are still not talking about social media just yet. Instead, we are talking about taking stock of the number of links you receive from other reputable websites. The more links that point back to you from authoritative websites, the better your overall linking profile and offsite SEO look to Google and other search engines.

Find out which sites are linking back to your competitors (a limited amount of information is free when you search on your competitor’s URLs at Once you know who is linking to your competitors, you know who to link to in hopes that they will return the favor.

Now, it’s time to start content marketing.

Now that your onsite SEO is addressed and your link building efforts have started, it’s time to build your credibility and make your site more authoritative. Any Texas SEO firm will tell you: Only authoritative sites matter, and the way to make your site an authoritative one is with content marketing. That means writing blogs, articles and infographics that you share in social media. If they are high quality, people will share them and link to them, boosting your SEO all the more. Submitting guest posts to other sites in your industry is also a good practice. Ask other site owners: If you write a guest post, will they be willing to link back to you?

These tips will definitely get you started. But at some point, your company will grow to the point that it will be necessary to invest resources in professional SEO services. As a Houston SEO company that has helped businesses of all types become successful search marketers, Crest Media can help any marketer at any stage in their SEO experience.

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