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Do You Know these 10 Digital Marketing Buzzwords?

By now, most online marketers & the majority of their clients know the definitions of marketing terminology like “viral,” “cross-platform” and “infographic.” But there are other buzzwords that still elude even some more experienced digital marketers & web-savvy business owners, especially the ones that seemingly creep up on us overnight and are suddenly used everywhere. Usually, when that happens, even some of our own Los Angeles social media clients start wondering to us if these words have been used all along without anyone noticing.

Thankfully, that isn’t usually the case; it’s just that much like an abruptly popular trend, some buzzwords are picked up quickly and penetrate the landscape in an instant. Unfortunately, without establishing proper definitions in a concise fashion, this can muddy the waters of discussion with the uninitiated business owner or webmaster. Currently, some of those newer buzzwords include:

Clickability – When a link is so irresistible, you just have to click on it.

Immersive – So large/overwhelming/impressive that it is impossible to avoid. This term most often applies to photos, videos and graphics; immersive photos are a concept central to the new Facebook layout.

Second-screen – When a brand’s marketing content on the Web is duplicated as its advertising content for television or another visual platform.

Curation – To put collections of shared content into one place. For example, to collect photos from all the users that attended an event and put them onto a single platform (i.e., an album on Flickr that you promote on other channels).

Showrooming – To see products in person (at an actual retail store) before buying them online, often for a lower price.

KPI – A “key performance indicator,” which is the metric that will determine how well an online marketing campaign is performing. Marketers can choose which metrics will be a campaign’s KPI; some ideas are click through rates, Facebook likes, blog comments, backlinks and purchases.

Native advertising – The act of buying ads that appear the same as the in-stream content on a news feed. Native advertising articles are virtually indistinguishable from the news articles, even though they are in fact sponsored ads.

Agile marketing – This should really be called “flexible marketing” or “adjustable marketing,” because that is what it is. Any marketing initiative that can be adjusted as time goes on and results become apparent is an agile marketing initiative.

SoLoMo – A hybrid of the “Big 3”: social, local and mobile.

Contextual marketing – When the marketing initiative is designed to be conducive to the platform on which it is featured. By that definition, isn’t all marketing supposed to be contextual? Yes! Sometimes, buzzwords are just buzzwords.

Fortunately, anyone who needs help with their digital marketing efforts has endless resources at their disposal. Now that there are so many great opportunities to plug into a quality SEO company or social media agency, it just doesn’t make sense to worry about your own online marketing anymore. Contact Crest Media, which is a trusted resource for anyone in need of Orange County SEO services or a Los Angeles social media agency.

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