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Email Marketing Best Practices [VIDEO]

Depending on who you talk to and for which industries in which they may be involved, email marketing can be either a gigantic headache for its lack of effectiveness, or the single most conversion-provoking platform to reach a target audience. The oversimplified explanation for this, is that email marketing only works for some industries. We feel such an explanation is exactly that: oversimplified…and more than a little short-sighted!

As it turns out, email marketing can and does work for almost every industry one could imagine. The strategies behind it just have to be well thought out and more importantly, well executed.

Timing Is Everything

Did you know that there are ideal times of the day and week to send business related email newsletters and marketing blasts? It is 110% true that, depending on what time of the day you send an email and on what day of the week, can absolutely be the determinant in whether or not your email even gets opened, let alone prompts the recipient to click through to your site. Even though there are some hard and fast rules on when to send these emails out, its always important to review open & click-through rates on your emails and re-strategize for improved conversions. The reason for this, is to consider the exceptions to the “rules” of email marketing. Thoughtul businesses should study & learn what works best for them and their clients.

Test, Re-Test and then Test Again

This might seem like odd instruction to anyone who is already fairly thorough in their marketing research and strategy implementation, but its suprising how often some small thing is overlooked and produces a disasterous outcome. Everything from layout templates, image embeds, links and even fonts need to be tested in email newsletters, and not only tested for functionality, but also tested for various email carrier inbox displays. The amount of available screen space for Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird are not all the same, so be careful and make sure to use a template that scales well for each email provider.

If you have other tips for successful email marketing, or have encountered a strategy problem, or simply wish to learn more, leave us a comment or contact us today, to learn more.

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