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Favorite New Fonts for Your Web Design

At our Orange County web design company, we don’t mind breaking the mold from time to time - and the fonts we implement into our clients’ websites are no exception. Chances are, your site features a standard Arial font; and of course, there’s no problem with that.

But today, there’s a new crop of fonts on the block, and they’re taking the design landscape by storm. We found a great collection of them at Web Design Ledger, and were excited to share a few of our favorites:

Geo Sans Light -
Cosmopolitan, chic and stylish with every letter, this font (that may look familiar as a magazine font) may not work for everyone; but for the right health/beauty business or apparel retailer, it can put the polish on your header like nothing else. Orange County web design clients of Crest Media who may find it interesting include medical spas, as it helps the site to appear sophisticated and smart.
Aubrey -
Another classy choice, Aubrey has that crisp, jacket and fall leaves look that evokes memories of Autumn days gone by. It may work well for a site aimed at savvy female consumers, depending on the product or service.
Print Clearly -
When no nonsense is required, Print Clearly is your guy. Tech services, printers, and even some medical offices may appreciate its sleek, straightforward look. At our Orange County web design service, we find that clients like fonts that communicate these same classic characteristics.

Web Design Ledger also reported on 11 new, high quality free fonts that cutting edge companies from a variety of industries are embracing. From AW Conqueror to Ingleby to Alt Matey, these fonts are sure to make a splash when businesses like yours implement them on a well-designed website.

Of course, we don’t mind sticking to traditional choices as well if our clients prefer them; but because we promise to stay on the cusp of web design trends, we like to offer the tools they need (like fonts!) to stay ahead of the curve. To inquire about any fonts that may put the icing on your website’s proverbial cake, contact our Orange County web design company today. We’ll be glad to look into your options.

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