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Forgotten Elements of Web Design

There are plenty of Web design basics that any run of the mill provider can master: general navigability, color choices and displaying high resolution images all come to mind. But some of the most important elements of Web design are the ones that the average providers leave out, and only the high end Web design firms think to provide. As our Houston Web design firm sees it, here are those “forgotten,” yet highly valuable, elements of web design.

Intuitive Navigation

This is different than basic navigation. Intuitive navigation utilizes techniques like implementing secondary navigation options under the main (horizontal) navigation bar; an alternative is to place those secondary options in the left margin, a.k.a. the sidebar, if there is one. Intuitive navigation is important in Web design, because a messy layout can easily turn people away from your site in seconds. Intuitive navigation options involve providing cleaner layouts that tap into the likely habits of readers.

Logo Design

A high end Web design service won’t just assume that a client already has a logo designed. They will be sure to find out, and they will also ask if the client is happy with the logo or is interested in having it altered. But designing the logo is just the first step. Once it is posted (normally somewhere near the left hand corner), the Web designer should link the logo to the home page; this ensures that the place where the user started can always be a click away.

Breathing Room

In other words, giving the readers the space they need to process the information comfortably. Too much white space is never a good thing, but neither is a site comprised of pages and pages of solid text crammed together. Those kinds of pages are hard enough to read on a desktop; can you imagine trying to read them on a mobile device?

Your Web designer should give your readers room to breathe, with single spaced lines and paragraphs that have a practical, but not excessive, amount of white space in between. If your existing website has text “squished” in every corner, it is probably time for a redesign; and if you are launching a new site, it is important to emphasize to your designer that you want to see the text laid out neatly.

These are the elements our Houston Web design service values, but what about you? If you can think of any other forgotten essentials in Web design, let us know in the comments below.

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