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Fresno Social Media Celebrity has Pointers for Those New to Twitter

Imad Naffa, owner of NAFFA International, Inc.In 2011, the un-famous can still exert the power of celebrity in the digital world – especially on Twitter. As a business owner, you can benefit from knowing these “Twitter elite” virtually. You can also benefit from the wisdom of their social media experience. Here’s Imad Naffa, owner of NAFFA International, Inc., a civil engineer and Fresno social media enthusiast with over 54,000 followers:

“In the beginning, I did not see a business reason to use Twitter. I thought it was mainly a social media tool with no business application.”

So, why did this business-owner-turned-Fresno-social-media-celebrity start engaging on Twitter in the first place? Naffa said that as an early adopter of new technologies, he thought he should give it a try.

“When I started on Twitter, I mainly posted and engaged with engineering and building code topics. After about three months, I started engaging and posting on many topics of interest beyond engineering and codes, such as the economy, technology, iPhones, iPads, anything and everything dealing with social media and global affairs. The followers count increased dramatically at that point.”

Most importantly, what advice does he have for business owners that are new to Twitter?

“Many [businesses] are frantically rushing into social media trying to get on board with no clear goal or agenda of how social media fits in their business and operations. Some want lots of followers, yet they are not clear what to do with them if they get them or how they would maintain the ongoing engagement. I liken Twitter to a fast-moving river — and new users try to figure out where and how to jump in.”

Naffa also has some pointers on managing followers. He cautions businesses against misusing Twitter by starting an account and “dropping the ball” – in other words, not engaging or not taking the time to learn and maintain an online presence. With the help of a few social media management tools that help him “filter through Twitter’s noise,” he relies on the experts to easily and affordably manage his business Twitter followers and post his tweets. As a proficient social media manager, Crest Media performs this invaluable service for clients all the time. Want to learn more? Contact our Fresno social media office today.

Follow Imad: @imadnaffa

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