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From Manhattan Art Director to Austin SEO Prospect in Three Days

Yeah Super LogoIf you’ve never created a startup in three days’ time, you’re in the majority – but Alexandra Askot can’t relate. This Manhattan art director at MRM Worldwide hopped on a “StartupBus” in Boston this week with 30 other web entrepreneurs to the South by Southwest (SXSW) 2012 event in Austin, to reveal her startup before attendees. Her company, Yeah Super, was put together in just three days.

What did those three days look like? Askot and her team created the company name and LLC, strategy, two mobile apps and of course, the website. They also set up a mailing list, distribution method, company bank account and e-commerce site. Then, they formulated the pitch that would be presented to judges in San Antonio last week (the bus’ first destination). Somehow, the team even made time to try their hand at going public through a virtual stock option and trading game on Facebook.

Sounds exhausting, doesn’t it? But according to Askot, “The experience has been awesome.”

The Yeah Super business model is to promote one local company daily by offering a t-shirt and feature profile on its website. Companies pay to be the daily feature.

Of course, even the best business model can’t get a startup found online. Like all new startups, Yeah Super needs SEO.

Startup Bus LogoAccording to SEO experts, new sites are at a disadvantage in the SEO game, but can make up for that by being better at the game, with good strategies for local search marketing and refined search engine optimization, founded solid research efforts. “One of the more common mistakes for a startup is in the research,” said Reliable SEO Founder David Harry. “Formal keyword research and targeting is paramount for any kind of ongoing programming and is more often than not an afterthought for most startups. Resources are finite and must be allotted wisely.” Good advice for a company that may encounter some willing Austin SEO providers at SXSW 2012, as Yeah Super is bound to.

Of course, not everyone can make the trek to Austin like Askot and company did. If you don’t plan to attend SXSW and your startup needs a Los Angeles SEO provider, then Crest Media can fill that need for you.

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