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Getting website traffic from SEO and beyond

Website Traffic Beyond SEOGoogle is still important for SEO and website traffic, and that will never change. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t optimize your website for “alternative” sources of search too. As a marketer, you must keenly identify all the channels that drive traffic – not only to your website, but to everyone in your industry. The question to ask is, how do the people who are finding information about your market get their information? It may very well be through Google, but there are lots of other sources they may be using. Consider whether they are finding information on your industry through any of these channels:

YouTube - It’s a Google property, but all the information is in video format. Does your audience look for information on your industry in videos? If so, optimize your website for YouTube.

LinkedIn - If your business caters to the B2B crowd, someone is likely to search for information on what you offer via LinkedIn. You can optimize your website for LinkedIn, first by optimizing your company LinkedIn page – then, by sharing your high quality blog posts and other content with your LinkedIn connections.

Pinterest - Businesses that have photo-worthy products and services need to be on Pinterest, and they need to optimize their websites for Pinterest by pinning photos that are linked to the high quality content on their websites. For certain businesses, it can be a great marketing tool.

Yelp - You many only use it to find restaurants and service providers, but any business can start a Yelp account and receive reviews. Optimizing your website for Yelp is as easy as encouraging your customers to give you a great review on Yelp and offering the service that earns their support.

Getting help with your website traffic goals

Keep optimizing for Google, but don’t lose sight of the other channels that your audience is using to find information about your industry. Forward-thinking businesses know that qualified website traffic can originate from many locations, so its best to utilize a “be everywhere” approach with digital marketing. If you have further questions, contact the SEO experts at Crest Media Internet Marketing.

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