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Google Algorithm Change Puts One More Arrow in Your Quiver

Our Los Angeles SEO company recently learned about an exciting development at Google. The change to the search engine’s algorithm operations, known as the “content farm algorithm,” is getting the attention of geek sites and Web watchers everywhere – and we thought you should know about it too.

Why? Because the content farm algorithm can help weed out the pesky spam sites that are hogging up your site’s keywords! In short, the Google algorithm change will prevent low quality sites from ranking high on Google. Because our Orange County SEO firm is in charge of your site, you can be assured that your site is already high quality – so hopefully, this can only impact your site in a positive way.

And because we don’t use content farms (Demand Media, Associated Content, etc.) to increase visibility of your site, we’re likely to already be on the right track. We’re very selective in the social bookmarking sites on which we post our clients’ content. Plus, Crest Media doesn’t spam your content all over the Web; that’s one more reason this algorithm change may be to the advantage of our California SEO clients.

But, a word to the wise: We’re still learning about this feature (everyone is!), so only time will tell what changes we need to make to keep your site competitive as this Google algorithm change begins to take effect. Our Los Angeles SEO blog will keep you posted as we learn more, and implement any strategies necessary to help you stay ahead of the curve.

2 Responses to “Google Algorithm Change Puts One More Arrow in Your Quiver”

  1. I never heard about this “content farm” before.. because know about google algorithm perfectly.
    Every SEO has to know this information , i am going to share this one to my friends too..

  2. Cool blog. I’ll check back here often.

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