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Honeymoon With Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine OptimizationSearch engine optimization techniques are no more industry secrets. Websites, and even blogs, use keywords to enjoy higher search rankings. The term ‘SEO honeymoon’ was coined to emphasize a specific phase during a website life cycle when SEO strategies bear maximum results. Basic understanding of SEO techniques can earn you an exciting honeymoon period, in terms of user traffic and search engine ranking.

How to Enjoy Your Honeymoon With Search Engine Optimization?
The duration of your honeymoon with search engine optimization depends entirely on the quality of content and user experience. However, adhering to the basic SEO fundamentals will also help in achieving better search ranking and extend this happy period in time.

Here are some simple tips to enjoy your official honeymoon with search engine optimization:

  • •  Spend time on keyword research. Select the most relevant keyword as per your specific business requirements.
  • •  Optimize your web page title tags with the most relevant keyword.
  • •  Use Meta description tags.
  • •  Include a Site Map in the website to help search engines with indexing the pages on your site.
  • •  Generate high quality content and semantically display the content on every web page.
  • •  Use ‘Alt text’ for images and videos.
  • •  Focus on inbound and outbound external links.

To measure the effectiveness of your SEO strategies, include a keyword and user traffic analysis tool in your website. Such a tool will help you in understanding which keywords are paying off and which webpages are attracting greater traffic.

When Will Your Search Engine Optimization Honeymoon End?
According to experts, search engine optimization period ends soon for most of the websites. After achieving good search rankings for the initial months, you may start feeling that your SEO efforts are not paying off. Does this mean your SEO honeymoon is over?

Since SEO fundamentals are employed by most websites, search rankings are bound to differ over a period of time. However, by developing a long-term SEO strategy, it is possible to extend the duration of SEO honeymoon period. Such a strategy should focus extensively on inbound external linking and social media integration. Capitalizing on these two areas is certainly a daunting task. Hire a Los Angeles SEO expert to guide you through these troubled waters.

For more information on SEO, visit Crest Media is a US-based company, offering SEO and web design services. The company excels in web construction, marketing and organic SEO services.

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  1. Many thanks. I am always focused on items and info about website search engine optimization. You never know where you’ll discover cutting edge technique (well, new to me at least). Even though there will almost always be classic Search engine optimization strategies, a tiny modification here and there, and your web site will get higher search rankings. If you work with WordPress using right plug ins in addition to an effective premium template can help your Seo. It is also essential to keep up to date with the changes in internet search engine algorithms.All the best

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