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How California Web Design Companies Can Mess up Your Website

Did your web design company muddy up your web content so much that it’s totally off the radar of the search engines? Here’s one good way to tell: If they post content that appears differently for human readers than it does for search engine crawlers. When they do this, your site receives poorer treatment from search engines when they crawl and index sites.

Now, this kind of substandard content placement is not the same as writing spam. In fact, we’re not talking about written text at all (this time). Instead, we’re talking about non-text-based content, such as copious design elements, like graphics and animation. Technically, those things are content – but they can’t necessarily be indexed by search engines, because crawlers don’t know what to do with that content. They don’t know how to interpret it.

By contrast, your site should start with the basics: lots of keyword rich (but well written) text, and a practical, minimal volume of video, JavaScript and flash content. After that, you need site archictecture that makes it easy to navigate for people & spiders alike. The next step should be to build authoritative backlinks. So to re-cap, a search engine friendly website has three key components: great text content, ease of navigation and a well-executed linking strategy. That’s all it needs to start out with.

Los Angeles Web Design Firms Keep their SEO Colleagues in Business

It’s true: By “over-designing” the websites of clients, many web designers are keeping their friends at the California SEO company down the street quite busy. Simply put, it’s harder to establish good search engine rankings with an excessively designed website – and then clients take their sites to SEO companies for help.

Too many graphics, bloated navigational menus and flash flash flash….it all looks great, but it can mess up your chances of being found – and isn’t being found the goal? There are a couple of solutions here: 1.) Hire a designer who will give you a bare bones website, and teach yourself to write good, strong web content, or 2.) Hire a firm that offers both web design and SEO, like Crest Media.

We don’t keep secrets from the search engines; we know how to build websites that are search engine friendly (with keyword rich, well written content) and we offer SEO services to ensure that no matter what website design we create for you, your site can easily be indexed. These are two separate service verticals, but they can work hand in hand to make your website a success. To learn more, contact our California web design and SEO company today.

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