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How Content Marketing is Like Public Speaking

Content Marketing Like Public SpeakingAre you scared of content marketing? If the thought of engaging in a content marketing plan is a little overwhelming, maybe that is because it is not unlike public speaking which a lot of people fear. Often, its the case with many SMB owners that they understand their product and the benefits it provides very well, but they don’t always understand how to address (and listen to) their potential client base or discover their website users’ intent. Because of this, good content marketing as it applies to addressing potential clients’ needs and situations is very much like speaking to any audience. Here are a few ways in which the two activities overlap:

They both require you to know your audience. In order to successfully communicate your message to an audience, you must first understand who the audience is. Hopefully, any group you speak to in public is nearly identical to the audience you market to online; so whether you are speaking to them at an industry conference or through your blog post, it is important to know who they are and what they are interested in. No matter the forum, people only want to listen to someone who understands them.

They both require you to have confidence. You have heard it said before that consumers need to see you as an authority. So whether in public or online, you need to speak as an expert. That doesn’t mean using an onslaught of eight-letter words and terminology your audience doesn’t understand; it means being confident in the strength of your personal brand and having a firm grasp on the topic you are speaking about. Your confidence will speak volumes to your audience, whether they are sitting in seats in front of you or reading your blog on the subway.

They both require you to be transparent. Everywhere you turn, people and companies who are regarded as “relatable,” “real” and authentic” are being praised and rewarded. You can capitalize on that by embracing the art of transparency for your own brand. Audiences want someone they can relate to, and someone who they feel can relate to them. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging one or two personal mistakes you learned from when talking to your audience. Whether they are listening to your speech or reading your article, they will appreciate it.

Audience Applauding To Content MarketingJust like good public speaking is a skill to aspire to, good content marketing is also a goal worth pursuing. To trust your content marketing to a professional social media agency and SEO company, contact Crest Media for a free phone consultation.

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