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How Small Brands Compete in a Big SEO Market

Small Brand SEO for Big MarketsSmall businesses may feel like little fish in a big pond when it comes to competing with big competitors for search rankings. But you can carve out your own path and still compete for higher rankings; all it takes is some determination and applied smarts. Of course, having a knowledgeable SEO company on your side doesn’t hurt either. Here is what the right SEO companies can do for you, if you are a small business that wants to win big at SEO.

Assign you the right keywords. In SEO, there is nothing more worthless than a bunch of highly competitive keywords. If your business is in or near a big city, this truth hits home even more. For example, say you are located in an LA suburb and you hire a Los Angeles SEO company to help you rank higher for certain keywords. If you focus solely on “Los Angeles” keywords, you will be wasting your money.

Instead, focus on keywords that target consumers in the city you are actually located in, in addition to one or two adjoining towns. Let big city businesses have their big city customers, and you can ensure local customers will find you first. This helps smart small businesses stay afloat in SEO.

Take SEO to the next level. Chasing down rankings for specific keywords is an important service that SEO companies provide. But with a firm that focuses on the real goal of increasing conversion rates, you can also improve your branding objectives and increase sales. In so doing, you can achieve a better brand image online and off. After all, SEO only matters if it benefits your bottom line.

Incorporate social media. The best SEO company is one that doubles as a social media agency. Rather than pitting these tasks (SEO and social media management) against each other, you can make them complement each other by outsourcing the duties to a single, highly competent resource. The entire team will be on the same page, making your SEO efforts go hand-in-hand with social media and vice versa.

Plus, social media levels the playing field for small businesses, because they are not competing with the big guys for keywords. Your network can be personally assembled by you and your social media agency, and it can be a powerful tool for catapulting you in the local or national market. And with Facebook Graph Search, it will be easier than ever for those who have never heard of you before to see you for the first time on social media!

By carefully selecting keywords, focusing on the bigger picture of increasing conversion rates and integrating social media into your SEO campaign, an SEO company can help your small business make a name for itself in a big, competitive market. To speak with a Los Angeles SEO company that knows how to implement these strategies, contact Crest Media today.

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