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How Social Media Makes a Real Impact for Entrepreneurs

Social Media For EntrepreneursAs a Los Angeles social media agency, we have helped many clients leverage social media to their advantage. Normally, the first payoff of a social media campaign is the brand recognition it provides – a big plus for any entrepreneur. But the impact of social media marketing is even greater than getting your name out there. Having a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other channels can help you make real profits, because it sets a process in motion that can increase conversion rates on your website (in other words, turn website visitors into paying customers).

As we said, it starts with brand recognition. The value of making a name for yourself on social media should not be underestimated. From business leaders to politicians to tech tycoons, everyone who is anyone understands that establishing credibility is the key to making people listen – and on social media, “listening” comes in the form of clicking on your links and viewing your content (content you have created for your own website or blog). Once they do that, the next step of the process begins.

That step is sharing your content. If your content is engaging and informative, it is regarded as valuable on social media. The trick is to create content for the right audience. When you build a social media audience, you are really “scouting” for potential customers. Write content that appeals to them, and they will share it with their friends; ideally, it will be shared again and again. Along the way, some who read the content will also “like” or “follow” your page. This is the organic way to build a social media audience, and it moves you further down the road to getting website traffic. After all, it makes sense that someone who follows you on social media will be interested in viewing your website – and once they do, they are more likely to convert to paying customer status.

The next step is earning links. When you share valuable content on social media, some in the audience will choose to embed your links into their own blogs – and that means earning backlinks. Backlinking (and link building in general) are now very integral in determining your search engine rankings, so as an entrepreneur, it is important to set a goal for earning links from the content you share on social media. The higher your search engine rankings, the more people you have visiting your website. The more people you have visiting your website, the better your chances are to increase conversion rates.

It’s a simple process that requires some effort – but as an entrepreneur, you have the ambition it takes. Of course, some just don’t have the time to market themselves online while running an enterprise. That is where the services of a social media agency can be highly valuable. As an established Los Angeles social media agency, Crest Media can manage your social media campaigns, build your audience, create content for your blog and share it on social media. Contact us to learn more!

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