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Improving Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

The 2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report from Social Media Examiner revealed how marketers are spending their time on social media right now. Participating brands were asked the question, “Which social media platform is most important to your brand?” How their answers divided up is illustrated by this chart, which our Los Angeles social media agency borrowed the data from…

Clearly, Facebook is still the most important social media platform there is to brands. But despite 92% of marketers claiming to be on Facebook and 49% declaring it to be their most important social media platform, only 37% reported that they believe their Facebook advertising is effective. That could indicate that some companies are just using Facebook because it is the “thing to do” – and ironically, they don’t specifically know what to do with it.

Small Business Challenges on Facebook

Small businesses, in particular, seem to be the most in the dark about how to use Facebook for marketing. The industry report explained that larger businesses were more likely to agree that Facebook was effective for them, and the reason for that could be the better brand recognition they already enjoy.

Brand recognition ensures that large businesses are more likely to receive traffic to Facebook from their company website, and vice versa. Small businesses face more challenges when marketing on Facebook, because even users that see the businesses locally are not as likely to think about searching for them on social media platform (those users are more likely to find a small business on Facebook after seeing an invitation to do so). Here are some places where those invitations can be placed:

The Company Website

Businesses can place a “Like us on Facebook” button anywhere on the company website by going to the Facebook Like Button Developers Page (type this into the Facebook search box) and following the instructions for implementing the code. At our social media agency, we do this as a service for clients all the time.

Business Cards

Are you making the most of your offline marketing methods by using them to promote your online marketing efforts, like Facebook? Be sure to put an invitation for people to like you on Facebook on all your business cards; that way, you are sure to get more likes after trade shows, networking events and sales.

Promotional Materials

Any offline marketing materials you distribute can feature your Facebook address. If you pass out pens, magnets or other trinkets as brand recognition tools, they should have the URL of your website and your Facebook page. Just like mentioning Facebook on your business cards, this is integrating social media with a secondary marketing tool for a more powerful result.

If you are ready to see more results from the effort your brand puts into your Facebook marketing, Crest Media can help. Our Los Angeles social media agency will be glad to analyze your current Facebook ROI and discuss how we can help it improve. Contact us for a complimentary phone consultation.

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