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Increase Conversion Rates for Your e-Commerce Site

Ecommerce Conversion OptimizationIf your e-commerce site hasn’t had any conversions (paying customers) for a while, don’t despair; there are things you can do to improve the quality of the user experience and encourage people to buy. Here are a few ideas to help you improve your conversion rate.

Improve the Website Design

If it has been a few years since your website underwent a re-design, now may be the perfect time for it. Seek out a firm specializing in high end Web design, and make sure they know you are seeking to get more conversions so they understand that is the primary objective. That way, they can analyze your site for factors like user-friendliness and navigability. By conducting a full audit of your e-commerce website’s features, they can have better insight into what needs to be done in this conversion optimization project. Remember: website design is likely what your customers are judging you on first.

Offer More Payment Options

The harder it is to buy from you, the fewer customers you will have. Consider accepting more methods of payment: PayPal Express, which is arguably the most popular alternative payment solution for e-commerce sites; Google Wallet, which offers custom implementation options; or Checkout by Amazon, which opens your site up to thousands of Amazon “One Click” Account consumers (this option is best for those who are already Amazon Marketplace sellers). Now that you have more payment options, more visitors can – and will – buy from you!

Keep Everything Transparent

Consumers want transparency and honesty, even on ecommerce sites. One of the most frustrating customer experiences is finding out that a product you were interested in, read a description of and opted to buy is actually out of stock. If you are out of something, it is important to say so. Also, be upfront about shipping costs so that a customer doesn’t cancel their sale once they find out that their $50 product will actually cost them $100 after shipping. It is best to show delivery prices for the countries you are targeting, so people can decide if the shipping cost is worth the purchase.

When the goal is to increase conversion rates for your e-commerce website, the bottom line is to give all visitors a superior user experience. As consumers, we all prefer to buy from people who show us they value our experience with them, both on and offline. Use that as your guiding principle when you undergo any conversion optimization project.

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