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Internet Marketing: A Cost Effective Technique

In simple terms, internet marketing refers to selling ones products online, whether through one’s own site or sites owned by others. Also known as web marketing or online marketing, internet marketing has emerged as an essential tool for businesses to expand their reach and boost revenues. The instant responses generated by internet marketing have made it highly popular among entrepreneurs, businesses and service providers of all types. This marketing technique involves coordination of various creative and technical aspects like design, development, sales and advertising of a website with the main purpose of boosting traffic to the website.

Internet Marketing Strategies

The broad scope of internet marketing and immediate results have made it a necessary tool for every organization hoping to attract the attention of a larger audience in very little time. Some of the main internet marketing strategies used by various organizations are:

  • •  Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • •  Search Media Optimization (SMO)
  • •  Local internet marketing
  • •  Social media marketing

Techniques such as posting informative articles, blogs, online networking through chat groups and social sites, listing in various directories, getting links from high quality non-competitive companies and social media marketing have proved to be very cost effective. In addition to such well-known internet marketing techniques, custom-made techniques or strategies can also be developed, keeping in mind the specific needs and requirements of the business.

Benefits of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is very cost economical; looking at the costs involved and the massive reach of the target audience. Traditional advertising involves lots of expenditure on advertisements, billboards or commercials and the target audience is limited. In contrast, internet marketing involves little costs while offering a wider audience.

The results of internet marketing are quick. It is easy to track, measure and test all aspects of internet marketing through methods like pay-per-click, pay-per-impression, pay-per-play and pay-per-action. This helps the marketers in identifying successful strategies while doing away with the unsuccessful ones. The results of various online advertising campaigns can be measured and tracked immediately as such initiatives ask the audience to click on a button or a link or perform a specific action.

A leading player in the internet marketing segment, has the expertise, the manpower and the necessary facilities to develop customized marketing strategies for its clients.


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