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Interruption Marketing vs. Inbound Marketing

Recently, the marketing analytics provider SEOMoz (now simply called “Moz”) announced a rebranding that, according to its CEO, will “power the shift from interruption to inbound marketing.” As an advertising agency in Austin that specializes in inbound marketing techniques, we were interested in this reference to “interruption” marketing. Which specific marketing techniques should be defined as interruptions (and presumably, annoyances) to the audience? Here are a few standout examples that were provided:

  • Search spam
  • Paid email lists
  • “Throwaway” press releases
  • Pop-up ads
  • Social media advertising (i.e. promoted posts on Facebook and Twitter)
  • Paid app reviews

In order to get their attention, these aptly named interruption marketing tactics force users to stop what they are doing; this sends a message to users that their time is not respected. In fact, interruption marketing techniques often undervalue users altogether; perhaps that is why collectively, they receive less than 10% of clicks and traffic.

On the flip side, there is inbound marketing: services like SEO, pay per click management, opt-in email marketing – and yes, even offline methods like events and print media. We can think of inbound marketing as the opposite of interruption marketing, because when we use it, it shows everyone in the audience that we don’t merely categorize them as “users.” We think of them as people. Here are some other important inbound marketing methods:

  • Valuable press releases and public relations efforts
  • Earned (organic) social media
  • Video content
  • Content creation/content marketing
  • Blogging (both on your own site and by guest blogging for others)
  • Organic app visibility (i.e. on the app store)

As an established advertising agency near Austin that offers both online and traditional marketing services, Crest Media definitely favors inbound marketing. We figured out long ago that interruption marketing is not what consumers want or need, and that inbound marketing is the way to deliver the highest ROI for the client. If you are interested in discussing inbound marketing opportunities like those listed here, we would be glad to speak with you.

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