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Las Vegas Social Media Newcomer Epitomizes Trend

Las Vegas jounalist and social media advocate, Richard N. VelottaLocal journalist-turned Las Vegas social media guru Richard Velotta is excited about Twitter. “Twitter is a great place to tell followers when I hear about breaking tourism news, including things I hear from industry sources and actions that occur at the various public meetings I cover, including the state Gaming Control Board, the Nevada Gaming Commission, the Nevada Tourism Commission, the Nevada Economic Development Commission, the Nevada Taxicab Authority and the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority,” he said. “I’ll also try to drop in when I hear about some of those wacky airline fare sales that everybody likes to get in on.”

Why does this matter? Because believe it or not, there are still hundreds, maybe thousands of local reporters, newspaper columnists and radio personalities throughout the United States who have yet to fully engage in social media. Velotta’s previous position on social networks was that its validity for professional networking hadn’t yet been proven.

“It seemed to me that Facebook resembled a cyber-front porch where friends and family could gather to chit-chat about current events, swap stories and tell jokes. I’ll occasionally drop some of my Vegas Inc. and Sun work on Facebook to show some of my friends across the country how we roll in the Neon Monster.” But Twitter, to me, seemed like a perfect venue for breaking news with that 140-character space limitation hanging over us.”

The rest is history, as his first quote explains what Velotta now utilizes Twitter to accomplish as a journalism tool. As stated, his is just one story of many local media professionals that are arriving late to the social media game – and are still in the honeymoon phase of engaging in it. This may be similar to the social media experience of the business owner that is only beginning to engage.

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