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Less SEO, More App Development for Mobile Web Marketing

Mobile Web MarketingIt’s hard to believe, but one study points out that while mobile search growth is still skyrocketing, search is not the primary activity of mobile users (like it is on desktops). One study shows that right now, apps and direct viewing of websites both trump search on mobile devices.

Conducted by Nielsen and commissioned by Telmetrics and xAd, the study showed that tablet and smartphone users who want information on three popular mobile browsing categories (travel, auto and restaurant services) tend to go directly to websites and apps for that information (an action known as direct navigation), rather than using search engines. This is something to keep in mind when hiring an SEO firm for your mobile website, and when developing an overall strategy for mobile web marketing.

The data does vary by vertical and device categories, but in every category, search engine usage was secondary to direct navigation. Here is the overview:

Direct navigation: 43%
Search engine: 24%

Direct navigation: 46%
Search engine: 37%

Direct navigation: 44%
Search engine: 33%

Additionally, Nielsen found in a different study that 81% of mobile device owners spend more time on apps than on the mobile web, including search engines. Of course, this doesn’t mean that business owners shouldn’t place any focus on mobile SEO. What it does mean is that mobile app development should also be a big priority, and your mobile web design must be top notch. For an SEO company that does all of the above, contact Crest Media Internet Marketing today.

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