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Location Based Services: The New Phone Book [VIDEO]

Show of hands: who’s used an actual physical phone book in the last 6-12 months? If you didn’t “raise your hand”, its quite okay, but that proves a valid point we’d like to make. Phone books are going the way of the Dodo bird, in lieu of location based services (or LBS), accessible from smart phones. This may be kind of a mundane tech trend to be thinking about, unless your business or website isn’t already digitally optimized for these services.

You might be asking how does this connect to growing your customer base or site readership and here’s how: for smart phone users (a fast-growing market segment) who are anxious to get directions, see reviews and recommendations and share where they are right now, LBS apps seamlessly serve all 3 functions in an immediate and web-friendly fashion. The connections these LBS apps have to social media profiles and maps/places based search engines can be a tremendous augmentation to SEO, as we’ve been saying for a while now: strong social media “signals” are helping to bolster organic search engine rankings. Here again, this is why it makes sense to pair SEO with Social-Local-Mobile (or ‘SoLoMo’) optimization, for the most comprehensive internet marketing strategy.

Take a quick minute or two, to watch the video & see how location based services are diversifying the internet marketing world and are effectively meeting a need of smart phone users everywhere. You might be surprised by how many people your website or brick and mortar business could be reaching with optimized listings on these location based services apps. (Then, when you’re ready to learn how we can help, contact us!)

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