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Logo Questions? Our San Diego Website Design Team Chimes In

We field a variety of questions from our clients - however, it seems queries are especially plentiful regarding website design and its effect on branding. One topic that frequently surfaces in these discussions is the company logo. We hear things like:

  • •  How important is a logo? Do we really need one?
  • •  I don’t like my old logo, but I don’t want my customers to be turned off by a new one. What should we do?
  • •  Will changing the logo hurt my brand visibility?
  • •  Do you have to design the new logo for me? I have some mock-ups I want you to work with.

These are great questions, and our OC/LA/San Diego website design staff has an answer to each one. Of course, discussing them at length is the best way to go; but we don’t mind giving you some short answers here.

  • •  Logos are very important for brand recognition! One word: McDonald’s. Need we say more?
  • •  We have some great ideas for developing logos that are palatable to existing customers, and enticing to new ones.
  • •  That depends; but it doesn’t have to be a major overhaul. We were recently inspired by a piece on Instant Shift; it highlighted the most visible brand logo evolutions of the past century. It’s amazing to see the changes some of the country’s biggest names have implemented on their logos without much public reaction.
  • •  Our San Diego website design service can create an original logo; or, use the mock-ups and design ideas you bring to the table. After all, you’re the client!

In short: Yes, your company logo is important, especially with today’s exhaustive emphasis on branding. It ensures better public recognition of your brand, provides you an instant trademark appearance, and (if you have an especially high quality logo) helps set you apart from your competitors.

Fortunately, Crest Media is here to tackle your logo quandaries - and nearly any marketing conundrum - so you can focus on the daily operations of your business. For more specific questions on your website design, San Diego/LA web designers from Crest Media are standing by to listen.

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