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Mobile Website Design: Top 3 Tips

Mobile Website DevelopmentThere’s no denying it: The web has gone mobile and it’s not going back. People still access the web from their home and office computers, of course, but mobile web use has multiplied exponentially and become a choice method when it comes to finding local businesses. For business owners, that means a mobile web marketing strategy, complete with a strategic mobile website design, is mandatory.

There are lots of things that can be incorporated here, but a top three list for forming a mobile web marketing strategy may be:

Defining Your Need for a Mobile Site

Why do you need a mobile site? It may be because you have yet to launch any website, so it’s in conjunction with a desktop site as well. It may be part of a project that also involves redesigning your existing desktop site. Or, it may be simply to add a mobile site to your already established web marketing plan.

Taking Stock of Business Objectives

At our San Jose CA web design company, we always ask clients their business objectives as they relate to the website – and in this case, the mobile website. These objectives should be ranked according to priority, and then communicated by hierarchy in the design. Of course, a good mobile web development firm can help you do this.

Keeping it Simple

…But, effective. Converting a desktop format to a mobile one involves lots of editing to make the complex navigation of the existing site as simple as possible. Also, keep in mind that less is more when it comes to file size and load times. Mobile web connections are faster these days, but still relatively slow compared to hardwired desktop connections.

Finally, another key difference between desktop sites and mobile websites is that desktop site buttons are “clickable,” whereas mobile website buttons must be “tappable.” That means you need bigger buttons, and fewer of them.

Any San Jose web design expert will tell you that a mobile website is crucial in today’s on-the-go culture. Use these tips when meeting with your design team, and you’re bound to have a better mobile website design in the end.

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