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More Social Media Agency Notes from Google Agency Summit

2011 Google Agency Summit Topics Emphasized Social Media, Video Marketing and Paid AdvertisingIt’s been two weeks since Crest Media attended the 2011 Google Agency Summit, but our ears are still ringing from this massive information onslaught! Google experts gave us lots of great insights on new and improved best practices for the online marketing industry; plus, they explained some key changes to the field overall. Here are some more nuggets of wisdom from our notes on:

The Industry Shift - There is a new climate in the world of online marketing, one in which search definitely still matters, but it is no longer the only thing that matters. Today, paid online advertising is no longer just for search, but also for display ads, YouTube promotions, mobile ads and re-marketing. This is important because it may eventually mean a change in the way a social media agency like ours structures its services.

The Social Factor - Google is counting on Google+ taking off, so much that they will soon launch Google+ pages for businesses. These will enable advertisers to interact on a more intimate level with their customers via the Hangout function. Google+ Hangout is similar to Facetime for Mac, but rather than only two people viewing each other, there is no limit to the number of people you can have in your “hangout” at once.

Famed Googleplex Headquarters and Site of the 2011 Google Agency SummitWhile we’re addressing Google+, it’s worth noting that Google rejects the “friends” language that users of other social networks are accustomed to. Instead, Google+ users invite people into different circles and define them as family, close friends, co workers, customers, acquaintances, etc.

The Rise of Video - Our Los Angeles social media agency has relied on video since its inception, so it comes as no surprise to us that YouTube advertising is still on trend, still effective and still a necessary component of any Internet marketing campaign; in fact, more than it has ever been. Why? According to Google (which has owned YouTube since 2006), the reasons for embracing YouTube advertising are:

  • Its massive
  • Its users are engaged
  • It reaches your audience
  • It has an ad format designed to reach clear marketing objectives.

In fact, Google predicts that YouTube will increase in traffic by 90% by the year 2013. Pretty amazing! That means any business looking to get serious traffic by way of a paid advertising campaign needs to get on board with YouTube. Not sure how to begin? Crest Media can show you how. For details on launching your online marketing campaign, contact our social media agency today.

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