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Nevada Social Media Day: June 30, 2012!

It’s taken a few years, but social media finally has its day. The state of Nevada announced that it will officially recognize today, June 30, 2012, as Social Media Day.

However, this proclamation is not the first of its kind. Nevada actually joins the state of Arizona and five other American cities: New York City, Las Vegas, Reno, San Jose and San Carlos, California, all of which have recognized Social Media Day since it launched in 2010. As for non-American cities, Toronto, Canada and Dublin, Ireland will also be celebrating Social Media Day for the third year in a row.

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval and Secretary of State Ross Miller signed the official proclamation for Nevada Social Media Day on May 30. Fittingly, there is a Twitter hashtag involved: #Nevada.

How did Social Media Day happen at the state level? It started when Michael Tragash, who helped Reno declare Social Media Day in 2011, attempted to get a state proclamation signed last year. He then partnered with Demont Daniel and Sara Gabriella (credited with founding Las Vegas Social Media Day last year) to get the governor’s attention. On April 23, Daniel filled out a form to request the proclamation, and last week he received a call from the governor’s office where he learned that the proclamation had been approved.

So, what does Nevada Social Media Day involve? Much like Las Vegas Social Media Day, it will include “global video conversations, networking, speaker panels and a huge party in Las Vegas,” according to verbiage on the official proclamation.

To participate in Nevada Social Media Day or Las Vegas Social Media Day, start at Twitter, hashtag #Nevada. There are sure to be links to many of the official activities in the thread.

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