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Orange County SEO Firm Decodes Good SEO Practices

San Diego Website DesignIf you’re our client, you should already know the answer! Our Orange County SEO company stays away from the unsavory practices of the trend known as “Bad SEO” (a term coined by several experts, including ZDNet’s SEO Whistleblower), opting for widely-approved “Good SEO” practices.

In fact, this blog recently began analyzing the mishaps of various sites that incorporate Bad SEO; and as proponents of our clients’ success, we wanted to shed light on some of these practices with you. Why? So you can be assured that as a Crest Media client, your site will be free from these top two unfortunate practices:

Multiple keyword title tags - Yes, you’ve seen us use your company’s targeted keywords in the title tags of your text. That’s good SEO practice. What isn’t good practice is using a string of multiple geo-targeted keywords in your title tag - for example, titling this article “Orange County SEO Firm is Best Among California SEO Providers” (see what we did there?).

According to the SEO Whistleblower blog, this practice is one that reaches straight back to the 90′s (the Dark Ages, where the Internet is concerned), when companies were attempting to game search engines that are either defunct or barely relevant anymore. Instead, it’s better to use one keyword term in your title tag; and at Crest Media, we stick to that principle on your behalf.

Keyword-stuffing - Same concept…different part of the page. Keyword stuffing is intentionally overwhelming any part of your website with keywords, whether they are relevant and in context or not (and much of the time, they’re not). For the unscrupulous SEO manager who does this, the result is lots of hits and no conversions (but clearly, he isn’t interested in helping his client get conversions).

For the client, the result is lots of traffic and no profitability - because his site visitors are entirely too turned off by the onslaught of obvious marketing they’ve just encountered. By contrast, our Orange County SEO service only uses your keywords when and where they’re needed - to help you make your business visible in search engines and convert site visitors into paying customers/ongoing clients.

Sure, there are lots of SEO do’s and don’ts, and we’d love to expand on them as we continue to share our knowledge of search engine marketing with you. However, these are among the most important distinctions between our Orange County SEO company and the crowded throng of competitors. We use the methods that will work for you - because we only succeed if you do.

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