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Resolving the Web Design vs. SEO Struggle

Website Design Vs. SEOOne of the most common problems of business owners in the digital marketing age is personality clashes between their Web designers and SEO companies. While the more forward-thinking players sidestep this impasse, historically, the two entities have warred against each other because they each hold unique perspectives about the importance (or unimportance) of one another’s services. The sentiments of the Web designer may include:

  • “SEO companies are selling something you can do yourself – better yet, let me do it for you.”
  • “Don’t they do tricky stuff to manipulate your rankings? Google will penalize you for that, you know.”
  • “Is SEO even real? Don’t waste your time on it.”

These arguments are typical of Web designers who don’t want to cooperate with SEO companies in order to launch a client’s website – often, because they are “get in, get out and get paid” service providers who aren’t interested in the long-term viability of that website. Does this really sound like someone you want to work with?

As for SEO providers, their frustrations with Web designers often stem from discoveries made after receiving the newly designed site. One common complaint is that while the coding may be passable for a site that does not need to be optimized, in this case it is sub-standard for SEO purposes. They may decide that the coding must be redone in order to make the site SEO friendly, which delays the launch and frustrates the client.

These are the differences that are at the heart of the ongoing struggle between Web designers and SEO companies. But it doesn’t have to be this way; businesses can have high end Web design and quick, competent SEO company services. The single best way this is achieved? By hiring a single resource to provide both.

When a business enlists a single provider for Web design and SEO, the benefits are innumerable. We’ll try to capture a few of the standout advantages here:

  • A more timely website launch
  • Faster turnaround on tune-up requests, such as SEO updates and website redesign
  • A singular Web marketing strategy, devised and deployed by one highly capable service provider (rather than competing service providers with uneven capabilities)

See the difference? Hiring a single Web design and SEO company is far more beneficial for everyone involved. To speak with an SEO company in Los Angeles that also offers high end Web design for ultimate website conversion optimization, contact Crest Media for a free phone consultation.

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